Tuesday Tips XI

Follow these easy steps to Record your Performance

1. Switch to Advanced UI


2. Click on Record Performance

3. When you are done, press Stop Recording and save the .rpl file in a folder After you save this .rpl file, you can change the Avatar and have the same scene with a different model Click on Play Performance, load that .rpl file and simply change the avatar 4. Click on Export Movie as Performance, select a replay and click Export 5. Wait until the movie is exported frame by frame 6. In Basic UI you can select Record a performance then export it as a video Voilà! You are now a movie star ^.^   Note: If you are not able to export your performance then you need to manually re-install the redistributables. They can be found here: Microsoft Redistributables <steamInstallDir>\SteamApps\common\FaceRig\_CommonRedist\ Other redistributables/prerequisites <steamInstallDir>\steamapps\common\FaceRig\Bin\prerequisites The order in which the Xiph codec pack and webm codecs are manually installed matters on some configurations (normally Install Xiph first, then webm). If you install them in the wrong order webm video export may not function correctly ( you need to simply uninstall them and change the re-install order).