Tuesday Tips X

You will need to have both FaceRig and your game opened.

1. Start your streaming software of choice


2. Check that FaceRig has broadcasting turned ON in the advanced UI

3. Select your game as a source in your streaming software

  4. Select the FaceRig Virtual Webcam as a webcam-source in the streaming software 5. Hit preview stream to see your scene Position the two  sources the way you want them, then Start Streaming   If you are not sure which streaming software to use you can go with OBS for example.   Note!  If you do not see FaceRig Virtual Camera available then you will need to install it. You will need to have both FaceRig and the online chat program closed. To install the virtual webcam go to <steam install directory>\steamapps\common\FaceRig\Bin\prerequisites\FaceVirtualCamDriver. Right Click on the installer for your system. If you have Windows 10 then install the Windows 8 webcam driver.   That would be all! Happy streaming!