18 Dec 2015


Hello awesome folks,

Awesome news! You can now get IRFaceRig as a free download. It’s very important to know that it will only work if you have Intel RealSense Camera and the Intel RealSense SDK.

You can check the minimum requirements and download IRFaceRig here

IRFaceRig is a free program allowing you to embody digital avatars by just acting in front of your computer. You can save funny pictures or movies and post them on social channels to entertain your friends. It uses exclusively the Intel RealSense camera for tracking your head and expressions and it is available only on Microsoft Windows.

  • Edu verde

    hello,i make the download on my steam,but,When I click on start, it does not open. This in my desktop, I click with the right button on it, and click Open, but still, won’t open!! help me please!!!!!

  • Fxguru new

    I turn it on, but it gives an error to the manager of the 3D camera. That is, I have to buy a separate camera!


    I have facerig bought over steam and I want to make full use of it on my mobile. Do you know if this is possible?

  • Reeseyyy

    Do you have a demo?

  • Leanne Kwiecien

    oh by the way, don’t get the free one. Not because it’s bad, but because YOU CAN’T GET IT. The download link leads to the same page and there’s no download link.

  • Max


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