12 Mar 2014

FaceRig: End of March Update.

 In March 

– we tested our first dragon avatar, and learned a lot about what is proper and not to do with its neck to avoid a sock puppet look.
– we also posted Alya, the realistic pretty girl avatar ( first without clothing, then with).

– we changed the system that infers body and shoulder motions from head poses.

– we iterated on the virtual webcam code and conducted successful streaming tests to Skype, Hangouts and Twitch.
– we did a lot of work under the hood for upcoming features that cannot be directly showcased.
– There was also the infamous e-mail leak incident from the TeamWEB employee that prompted us to request a site do-over from them, but this was covered in detail on its own updates.
– The new web-site that TeamWEB has re-built is deployed on facerig.com. There are still a few things they need to finalize, in regard to backer-only polls and identifying the backers, on the forum but it is almost done. All the sections of the site (News-blog- which you are currently reading , Video galley , etc) are up and running, so if you seek news more frequent than the monthly/bimonthly campaign updates from IGG , feel free to drop by facerig.com more often.  We’ll also talk about the upcoming hall of fame listing here :).

And the big news:

The very first money from the IGG fundraiser has reached us yesterday. Hurray!. Until now none of the crowdfunded money had made it to us, the funds were at Paypal while Paypal were checking us up about our ability, commitment and plan to deliver on what we had promised.

We knew that a crowdfunded budget is not typically available right away,  so we did plan for a delay in funding availability.  We took a one month safety margin, and we double checked with Paypal on phone in January to ensure there will be no problems, and we were told that no limitations will exist past the 6’th of March, and we’d be able to get access to the funds.

In reality the process ended up taking even longer, and proved to be more complicated than we were told in January (the fact that we are from Romania apparently was a big issue). Even now when the process is over, access to the funds will be slow still (but at least we’ll have access).

How does this affect development: The dev. process was slowed down in March compared to what we had envisioned, but will pick up in April.
Because of this the August deadline now has a higher degree of risk attached (we’ll work extra hard to recoup the delay).

For any other questions please  use the forum or the contact form :).

All the best,