IRFaceRig is a free version of FaceRig that uses the new Intel® RealSense™ Camera for tracking.

Real time facial animation

IRFaceRig is a free-to-play, specialized version of FaceRig. It works only with specific hardware and software: you need the Intel RealSense SDK and the Intel Real-Sense Camera on system with Intel CPU's.

IRFaceRig is available as a free, stand-alone download. Get the much anticipated IRFaceRig!

IRFaceRig on Steam comes with the virtual webcam driver & an exclusive avatar shop.

For more information see the FAQ file.
CAUTION: Do not download this if your system does not meet the listed minimum hardware and OS requirements, as the program will not work.
NOTE: IRFaceRig is for home, non-profit, use only.
Consider using regular FaceRig for commercial purposes.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 5th generation Broadwell (5200U) or better
OS: Windows 7 or later
NOTES: Requires the Intel® RealSense™ Camera

IRFaceRig supports native ooVoo integration, so make sure you login to your ooVoo account and try it out!
The latest version of ooVoo will offer to download it for you (it's FREE) if you meet the system requirements.

Supporting Intel® RealSense™ Camera