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    Please give feedback here regarding the Wolf avatar (good or bad, all is welcomed). Screen-shots attached with the avatar in different poses:



    While overall the model looks rather good, I can’t quiet place why, but it looks… off? I think it’s due to the sitting up position it’s in maybe, it kind-of looks like a wolf head on a large fluffy stump, seeing as the legs aren’t quite that noticeable, people might figure you were going for something more anthropomorphic and had forgotten to add arms or something.



    As mentioned in the above post. Looks really good, but I think the torso needs to be widened/thickened up a little as it looks like he has a really long neck.



    I can understand what you are saying here Fill783 “I think it’s due to the sitting up position it’s in maybe, it kind-of looks like a wolf head on a large fluffy stump”. If the Detail of the fur on lower body was increased would it draw your attention away from it and redirect your attention to the head? Over all I like how it came out and looks. When looking at the wolf at 1st the chin threw me off looking at it from the side. I almost thought of it beard like. But one i looked at the other pictures I did see it was just the way I perceived it at that angle. I do like the fact the eyes are the amber/yellow color. Too many people go with blue eyes and that just makes me think Husky/sled dog. Attached you can see the example of eyes of my husky mix Isis this picture was taken by my son.

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    Well, I’m not an expert on modeling, far from it. But the lower body doesn’t need an overly large amount of extra detail, just enough to make it more apparent that it’s a wolf in a sitting position, instead of some sort of armless humanoid wolf.



    Understandable 😀



    I also agree, but you can kinda compensate by placing the avatar lower on the screen (less neck)

    Also, I find something off about his mouth, I think the mouth goes open too far back to really be able to change emotions.
    If the skin from upper to lower jaw came a bit earlier (like on the third pic in the middle between where it is now and where his teeth are) it would be better and be more flexible in use.



    FurRiffic I am wondering if the issue you are referring to is because of the person possibly smiling? This might cause the extension of the lips to go further back in order to give a tooth grin? .



    I like this one! I think it looks good.

    The snout looks a little weird in the top three, but it looks ok in the rest — so it’s likely just a deformation with an expression thing.



    -Patrick Star


    It looks like a wolf thats’ gone through taxidermy, maybe that’s problem?

    Makes’ em look goofy.



    The muzzle of the wolf

    The top of the lip/muzzle right under the nose and the cheeks on the model looks a bit goofy and comes of as weird.

    On a realistic wolf you are going to see that the top part doesnt split down the middle like that ( the model here looks a bit more like a dog would have his mouth). And that the lower jaw part is a lot smaller/leener than on the model, it looks like he has a big chin or a beard on the model.
    model: http://prntscr.com/3ul9y8
    dog: http://m1.behance.net/rendition/modules/28807052/disp/e2a57dddcf0e270cf49a02778659511b.jpg
    wolf: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x187/twilight-wolf/wolf-desktop_800x600.jpg

    When a wolf snarls its mouth still doesn’t split like that, so he looks more serious/threatening. The lips pulls back a lot and shows the gums. Along with the really strong nose wrinkles it adds to the look (really strong nose wrinkles and gums more exposed would help a lot). So when a person smiles on the camera playfully like he can look more like a realistic wolf.

    Angry Wolf

    The torso has been adressed already so I won’t go into that.
    The model all in all looks amazing, high praise all around on the texture, coloring etc. Just these few things kind of bring it down for me. :geek: Thank you for constantly updating the content, great commitment, you guys rock ^^.



    He looks… manly for some reason. Almost like the face of a bodybuilder. I think it’s probably a combination of his eyebrows (which give his eyes a human-like squint) and his “beard” fur that makes his chin look thicker from the front.

    Still, he looks great! I can’t wait to see a video 😀



    SpiritD and everyone else nailed most of my issues with this.

    The last thing I can think of that hasn’t been addressed is this:

    This little ridge just looks.. off. I don’t recall seeing any canine with a bump like that in their muzzle.



    Its basically what have been said before, the neck seems too big and the body to slim.

    I also agree with SpiritD about the expressions. They could look more like a realistic wolf.

    Keep the good work. Cheers

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