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    I saw all the Live2D models having notes on commercial uses. 3D models do not have any mention of that. I have Pro version of the program and need to know, which models are allowed to use for no extra fee(free, after the purchase of the Pro version of the program) and which models require additional payment or have other special requirements.

    I would like to use models from the app for one of my less professional YouTube channels and later on custom made (by me) 2d and 3d characters for few other more serious channels, one of them being official game studio channel.

    Please, let me know, what are my options with current models, given that I already have Pro DLC for Windows. I am quite confused.

    Thanks in advance. Just want to do everything legally and fair to the creators of the program! 🙂



    I need a response on this as well. Thanks.



    Hello, you are allowed to use for commercial purposes all of the Holotech original avatars. For the ones that are licensed, you have to ask permission from the rightful owner of the characters. For example, in order to use Team Fortress 2 avatars for commercial purposes, you have to ask permission from Valve.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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