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    On the homepage top section of your web site ( ) I noticed the main text being too dark for the background and the play button getting clipped after hovering over the blue button.

    In my first attachment it shows both bugs visible.

    In my second attachment I show what line of code to add to fix the clipped button. Adding “backface-visibility: hidden;” to the “p” element that is holding the play button fixes the issue.

    In my third attachment I show what is causing the main text color to not be white. The h1 element that holds the main text has the styling set to inherit so it is inheriting the color from whatever closest parent has the color set. There is a line of text that says for the jumbotron element to inherit the color overriding the “color: #FFF” (white) declaration lower in the screenshot. Disabling the jumbotron’s “color: inherit” line fixes the color.

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    He he thanks!
    We’ll look into it (:

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