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    Hello Everyone.

    The FaceRig.com webpage is finally up in a form that heavy traffic no longer kills it. It has been a complicated process with two complete server-re installs, a faulty SSL certificate deployment, and culminating with an unfortunate event during final deployment ( earlier today) where some users were able to download an older zip file of the site Joomla scripts and a Joomla configuration file exactly as the site was being deployed.

    We have immediately asked TeamWEB about it and they have told us the following
    “A backup of part of the website was briefly exposed online and a few people managed to grab it but all files in the exposed archive were just script files that are part of a public platform (Joomla) and it’s public extensions and there is no danger for the security of the website. The only thing disclosed was an old user and password for database access but those credentials had been changed to longer, more secure passwords a long time before the server side software was re-installed, so there is no way how those could have been used to gain access to anything. We are sorry if this has caused you to be alarmed.”

    Now, aside what you enter in your user profile, we hold no sensitive data on the website or this webserver at all, and although right now it seems no harm was done we are a bit weary because some of you remember that this is not the first time we had a security related issue; so we will hold a poll for the users that come here on the forum to vote on whether you think it is appropriate (or not) to keep the website user system (and forums) up and running , or we close down these forums and move camp to the Steam forums completely, (and leave facerig.com as a presentation-only site) .

    Until we put the poll up, let us know what you think here in this thread.

    And poll is up:
    {mijopolls 7}

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    Only a question: what are you going to do about the badges?

    Personally I don’t care that much about them, but I know a lot of others do + they are required for the HoF.

    Unless (idea just popped up as I was typing) steam items:
    Could be either a Steam badge or a special Emoticon, both of course non-tradable.
    You could then just have a steam forum-post where everyone can post their name and the HoF emoticon or link to the badge.

    Also, I think there is also the thing about backer-only polls and the like, unless you want to do that through mail again.
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    While I am mildly disappointed at the web dev team, it sounds like they’re just trying to roll with the punches and learning a few things as they go. That said, as long as nothing really sensitive can be lost (and that’s what I’m hearing to be the case), then I see no problem with keeping these forums open. I ask – why not have both these and the steam forums? It allows more publicity, an easier sharing of information, and people can use the one they prefer. I’m sure there will be different flavors to both, and I’m just as sure that there will be many members like myself that will peruse both – so what’s wrong with keeping them both then? Just thinking out loud…

    K Fox



    But.. if we close it, Xyphien will never be able to out post me D:

    Jokes aside, frankly I don’t lean to either direction. There are positives and negatives for closing the forums OR keeping them open. Here’s how I see it (positives only, as the negatives are basically addressed on the other option) :

    Keep the forum:
    [list][*] No loss of content
    [*] Hall of Fame and Badge system can stay as is
    [*] We have a place to interact freely (many threads here would be considered spam on Steam)
    [*] If we reach a point where Steam is not necessary, the forums will already exist
    [*] Backer-Only polls stay in their current form
    [*] People actually know how to post in the right forum section here xP[/list]

    Remove the forum / use Steam exclusively:
    [list][*] Relatively reliable, stable forums (except when Valve’s servers act up)
    [*] Extremely easy to access and use (since it is accessible right from the page you launch FaceRig)
    [*] All posts will be in the same area, making it easier for us to moderate it, and for everyone to keep up[/list]

    I kinda lost my train of thought and have had this open for a while, so I’m posting now so I don’t forget.
    But you get where I’m coming from.



    What TeamWeb delivered recently and not to mention their first accident was ridiculously unprofessional.
    My recommendation would be, to switch the web dev and get a proper forums software running like phpBB, vBulletin, Burning Board or I.P Board for example. It would be much easier to manage and moderate also to keep everything sorted.

    I personally dislike the Steam forums and would not compleatly move, but a Steam integration into the site and the forums at facerig.com would be nice though.

    Somehow the link at my notification mail did not work and I thought my previous thread was deleted but its not… (also i’m sorry)

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