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    I’m 3d artist. right now I try to import character to FaceRig properly, but I have a lot of problems with textures.
    In attachments examples of textures in Substance Painter and FaceRig,
    I understand that shaders are different, but I can’t fine nice manual about materials in FaceRig, I know about “ImporterV2_FacerigModelAndTextureDocumentation_02” PDF. But its not enough.

    Here is couple questions about critical points.
    1. How I can convert normal map into FaceRig space??
    -I try to invert channels into my normal map, but it doesnt work.
    -Yes, I see document about Normals map, but I bake it and do a lot of stuff on normal map by textureing with substance, so any way I need to convert it somehow…
    2. Way to convert textures from PBR (rougnes/metalnes, spec/glossines) to FaceRig??? And value for that channels
    3. Smoothing groups, is it support by FaceRig? I cant see it and cant find documentation about it
    4. How to apply multi materials if I have body and head with self UV space, each = 2 uv.
    5. How I can setup camera? Camera from 3ds max in FaceRig have very strange behavior.
    6. Way to do lamps/high emissive areas with glow effects?? I cant find any documentation about it.
    -Yes, I know about blue channel in diffuse texture. But its now enough for glowing
    7. Maybe we can collaborate to make that documentation?

    I hope you read and answer my letter.
    With best regards, Oleg.

    In attachments couple examples

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    Hi there, we’ve replied by mail with more details.

    Best regards,
    The FaceRig Team



    I was expecting to pay at least three times the price.



    I would love you guys forever if you made a llama avatar!!



    Good day!Very delicate question, perhaps inappropriate.I work as a web model and would like to purchase your product, is it possible?And do you plan to develop 18+category functions?



    Hello, our software is meant for a general audience, and so 18+ features are not in our plans.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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