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    Working myself into creating my own Avatar… and so far the importWizard has been a great help, but some things I have been unable to figure out.

    1. It says in the documentation that all bones except the listed ones are optional. My character is comparably simple, so
    I only used the bones I really needed. But pretty much all of the lower lip bones, and one of the upper lip bones “BipLLipUpper_1
    ” are completely ignored. I double and triple checked on the spelling, it seems alright. “BipRLipUpper_1” seems to work fine.


    Is there a system? Like… when you want to use this bone, you will need these bones as well?

    2. Sometimes the eyes go into different directions… that looks rather hilarious… but it does not seem to be happening with the supplied avatars… or is more difficult to reproduce… anything I need to keep in mind on the two eyemovement animations to avoid that? Anyone ever had that problem? (usually only I have these problems)


    3. I had a lot of trouble when I “baked” the animations on export. Head movement and eye movement worked… eyelids were completely ignored. Is there a limit to the number of keyframes supported?


    Rangarig Rex

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    Here is a link I think you’ll find interesting 🙂

    Basically, you can email our artists and ask them directly and they will help you with your avatar. All the details are listed in that post.



    Thank you. I will try my luck with that then 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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