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    Some people don’t like the very white color scheme the site is in at the moment.
    For now it can not be changed through the website, so I personally made a “skin” for it.
    Do note that this solution in it’s current form only works for the Google Chrome browser.

    After doing these steps the forums of the facerig.com website will be looking like the image below:
    No other parts of the site or other sites altogether will be changed.
    Step one: Install stylebot.
    Step two: Install this style.
    Thing to note, Don’t open the 2nd link before you installed stylebot, else you need to restart your browser for it to work.

    This style is a work in progress and was only done in about half an hour to get thing rolling, if people want / know how to edit it, feel free to do so and show them here or send me the link. I will either use it as the main download or post it below as an alternative look.
    I will ONLY look at styles posted on the stylebot.me website and only if they also have a correct image with it.



    It seems there is now a “black” theme of the site, select-able by 2 squares, however it messes with this form of styling.
    To (temporarily) disable the styling from applying follow these steps:
    [list][*]Click in the CSS icon
    [*]Click options
    [*]On the new page click “styles”
    [*]Deselect the style for the facerig forum
    [*]Go back to the page and refresh

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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