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    I have just purchased this and have for the last 48 hours been trying to figure out where the option for custom backgrounds is. It does not exist where you say it does. I can click on avatars and it brings those up, I can click on environments and it brings those up. But there is no popout that says Avatar and background customization. I am talking about the right side menu after clicking the UI+ ON THE TOP. Everything I have watched and read on steam and here says the same thing. But it does not exist on the software I bought and purchased from your site. The only option I have is to use a green screen, which I do not like or to create a new path with no white spaces (whatever that means) and use a background wizard. So did you sell me a gimped copy or have you changed it to not have this option anymore? and if so, how do I now import a custom background?



    Hello, the Custom Background option can be found under the “The FaceRig Forest” background – there’s a rectangle on its icon. Select that background then go to Customization > Backdrop > Custom 2D Backdrop and browse for your desired custom background.



    hello, ive registerd herein search of a custom background too

    i selected facerig forest, if you mean this icon for me it doenst do nothing



    No, no, I said that it’s *under* the FaceRig Forest background. However, I see that in your screenshot it’s the one *under* the “WWW.?” background. The background you want to look for it’s the one which icon’s in the shape of a rectangle. After you select that one, you go to Customization > Backdrop and you’ll see the “Custom 2D Backdrop” option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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