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    juan jose

    Hi, Im using FaceRigIR because I have the realsense camera, but I have purchased the FaceRig Pro Upgrade. I want to use it as support in one class with the children I teach (Is not an official thing of the school). Is that a problem?

    How can I calibrate it better, where can i watch how to do it?

    Thanks again.


    juan jose

    Hi, im using FaceRigIR (with license) to do a “movie” to teach children how to recognice emotions, I am a teacher and this is a difficult thing to do because children don’t focus well with the text book. Mi problem is that the nose doesn’t move as mine does and because of that, I cant represent some emotions correctly.

    Are there a plan to update or improve nose tracking? If not, it could be a great idea. Thanks (and sorry for my bad english)




    Are you planning to use that movie in schools (private or public)?
    IRFaceRig, which is available on Steam , is for home-use, non-commercially.
    As for face-tracking, a correct calibration needs to be done in order for the avatar to move as you.



    Which version do you plan to use in your class, FaceRig or IRFaceRig? IT matters because both version available on Steam are for home use and since you are planning to use it in an official instituation it is different.
    Do you plan to use it once or several times? We would also need to know if the school is private or public.
    Here is a video for calibration in FaceRig


    juan jose

    Hi, Im using FaceRig Pro (I bought the normal Face Rig on steam and after that I upgrade it to the pro version). The school is public and is only for one lesson. I thought that the pro version was enought for this thing.
    My problem now is that I have the realsense cam, but I cant (or i dont know how) use it with FaceRig pro.

    Thanks for the tutorial, but I saw it. My question is if I can calibrate it to improve the nose traking, because the avatar doenst move his nose when I do.

    Thanks again



    Hi again,

    The avatar’s nose do not move completely, just a little (for example you can move the nostrils), this is how they have been contructed, but you can still make expressions.
    Also not all avatars move their noses

    As for using the RealSense Camera, first you need to download the MultiSensor Update for IntelRealSense Camera, available right here:
    Then you will be able to add the RealSense camera by switching to Advanced UI- Advanced tracking config- Trackers- Add

    As for using FaceRig in your class for one lesson, just to make sure we understand each other completely, yes you will be able to use it but only once, (not a recurring lesson), because if you use it more than once than you will need FaceRig Studio for commercial purposes.

    FaceRig Pro is still for home-use, non-commercially for content creators who make significant ad-based-revenue from posting their content online like YouTube, Twitch etc.


    juan jose

    Yes, that is the case, only one lesson, one day. But if I want to repeat it, how can I get that studio version and how much it cost?





    FaceRig Studio is still being in development, right now we are focusing on releasing FaceRig for mobiles which will be pretty soon, after this we will release Studio for commercial use. For more information about this tier you ill need to email us at info[at]facerig[dot]com

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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