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    Hello good people 🙂

    Valve are taking quite a bit of time answering our questions about their beta and pre-order system. Technically there is no Early Access program for software, it only exists for games. But we can have pre-orders up with granted Beta access which is essentially the same thing.
    Also our lawyer moves quite slowly with green-lighting the Beta EULA.

    Everything else ( page graphics, text etc) is pretty much set-up, so as soon as the two above issues are sorted out the steam pre-order page will go live. Then we can generate beta codes and start sending them to you. This will most likely happen towards the end of August.

    Here is a preview of the presentation video from the Steam page. Please do not share it right now, it is baker-only 🙂

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    Woah you can use your room as the background 0.0, do you need a green screen or smth or does it do it on its own, so psyched! The trailer is awesome!



    Those cut clips were so worth watching until the end for xD

    SpiritD wrote:
    Woah you can use your room as the background 0.0, do you need a green screen or smth or does it do it on its own, so psyched! The trailer is awesome!

    Take a photo of it, then apply it as a static background, I’m assuming.
    This means you won’t be able to rotate the background, though.



    Where did you come from Chaos, damn your ninja ways I didn’t even see you online xD. Thank you for the answer do ^^

    And one more thing, the dragon is beyond awesome…



    Thank you for the feedback guys 🙂

    Updated the original link, now the trailer has a sneak peek of the re-worked lady Katherine :P.
    Also it states more clearly now that your friends can see you as the avatar even if they don’t have FaceRig.


    You can choose to create your own characters

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 My best phrase….




    All around a pretty informative little trailer. I think it will work quite well for you guys.



    I dont know why but this trailer makes me feel like being evil… 😈



    Ohhh :DD I can watch Fluffo talking like this the whole day 😀

    This is awesome 🙂 incredible how great this video 😀


    It’s Baker only, or Backer only? 😛

    I am Neco the Sergal Chef, so, if it’s for Bakers only. I’ll have to take it exclusively unless there are other chefs and bakers out there? ;O

    [Update] – It’s quite a hilarious video, sure to impress 😛 So much blingbling being shown on all the avatars too. Love the ornaments on the demon guys horns.



    Looks like Lord Burgor ate my complimentary “looking good” post I made the day before the server transfer.

    Guess he was hungry!



    .. he ate other posts too. I think all posts made late on the 29’th and all the post on the 30’th of July 🙂


    I love the video. Especially the clips from the cutting floor. Actually… Just the humor and little comments makes it great.
    This is one of the only steam trailers I would watch again. It hasn’t gotten old yet.



    Nice! It was a very cute trailer. Really can’t wait to get my hands on this program! But first, i need to look at webcams. I know which one i want now, just need to find it cheap enough. Also was just wondering, at this moment in time i have a pretty old Radeon 6670 1GB ddr3 model. This version of the 6670 is so old, i don’t think it even has compute cores in it. It’s passmark is considerably lower then the more modern 6670’s with gddr5 ram.

    I think my card scores about 700 passmarks, while the more modern version scores 1000.

    Will i need a graphics card upgrade to run the software? I can imagine it being somewhat taxing on the GPU.



    As others have said it is a good trailer to provoke interest.

    If you want to sell the software on a large scale I suggest you need to demonstrate on camera how to set it up and what it looks like from each end – to the guy on camera and to the audience.

    You might also wish to prove how responsive the system is when it has reasonable hardware running it.

    This idea dies if there is a lag in the system IMHO>

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