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    Dear Sirs,
    at first, I have to say that I love your software. I am using it for a few months now on my YouTube channel and it works great but I have a problem with some of the functionality. Maybe it is due to lack of my knowledge maybe there is room for improvement. Let’s see.

    1# Alpha Channel – I need the avatar with an alpha channel, so I am currently exporting with a green background and then key it in Premiere. Problem is that keying the fur is not the easiest task in the world and leaves me with some “greenspill” at the edges. Is there a way to output an alpha channel?

    2# I know most Americans think that the world ends at the US border, but actually, it does not 😉 so having the option to use European TV standards too would be awesome and not converting 30fps to 25fps every time. It is not helping to enhance image quality at all.

    3# That’s my most important point. Export takes for ever and ever (and it is not my computer that is slow). Export speed really needs attention. I usually record about 20min and it takes me about an hour or longer to export in .webm. Is there anything I can do to speed it up? I am currently exporting 1080/30

    Thank you in advance



    Hello Torsten,

    #1. Outputting an avatar with an alpha channel is not possible at the moment, I’m afraid. Keying is still your best option. Depending on your version of Premiere there are multiple ways to minimize the green spilling on the edges of fluffy avatars. There are a lot of resources and tutorials on the web that might help. The less time consuming process will involve using the “Color Key” effect multiple times, copying and pasting multiple instances and tweaking them bit by bit. After getting as much green out as possible without distorting the edges you can use the “Change to Color” effect to change the spilling into a less aggressive color.

    #2. As this software was not designed for TV broadcasting we didn’t see the need to implement region specific frame rate options. Also, there is no need for converting your output before editing. For a very smooth and cinematic result we recommend the following work flow: Output your .rpl files to 60 fps (export times are expected to increase because of this). Upon editing use a 60 fps Sequence in Premiere and when dragging and dropping your first exported clip make sure you select the “Change sequence settings” option. Only upon rendering your video should you change the frame rate to your desire, this way avoiding audio and video de-syncs.

    #3. It’s completely normal for a 20 minute long replay file to take upwards of 40 minutes to one hour to export depending on your FaceRig Export Movie settings as well as your hardware. If you use Frame Blending (to get a natural, film-like, motion blur) the duration is going to increase. Usually setting this to Low Quality (2 frames) is good enough as YouTube automatically compresses your video anyways. There is not much quality to be gained here unless you’re playing the final result offline and with a different video player. For your use case I think 2 frames of blending is enough. Video quality should be set to High though. The Bitrate also impacts the duration of an export but not massively. We recommend using CBR to avoid weird compression artifacts in certain situations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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