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    The avatar viewer would be an app that allows puppetterring controls over the avatars (no face tracking tech included). It would be a free downloadable app that will allow people to play with their custom made avatars (it will also have a few official avatars that can be used for reference on how the custom avatars should behave). Main use would be to help 3D party developers with viewing how their custom avatars work in FaceRig. The app will be provided as is without a lot of QA/compatibility testing so it might not work on all PCs and in the EULA it will be stated clearly that we are not reliable for any damages that might occur by using the app (we don’t expect any damages to occur but we need to be covered from a legal stand point).
    What this means for production: At first glance we estimate by making this before Beta we’ll have a 1 week delay in the Beta release, also some resources will go into making the proper EULA and getting legal counsel regarding this endeavour.

    Main quesiton for the backers: Should we or shouldn’t we invest resources in making the avatar viewer before Beta.

    Note: Depending on the results of the poll we will further analyze this and see if there are any other issues that pop up.

    {mijopolls 4}



    I say stay the course, at least until beta is released.

    The less things we have between now and August, the better. Otherwise, if there’s even a RISK of the release being delayed or not coming out in the ideal condition, the backlash will probably outweigh the praise for releasing this. That is, assuming this makes a delay, which I think there may potentially be unless you hire on more people to even out the work load.



    While I think it would be cool to have something to play around with, I have to agree with Truechaos. Focus on creating a working version of facerig before doing this.



    I would say “stay on the course”, and release it to the public on a later date as a “tech demo”, to give people that are interested but haven’t backed something to play with without having to buy a full licence (and later find out that its not working for them). Its should show interested people how their character would look on a full version, but without the added benefits (like facial tracking). A head that tracks the mouse with its eyes (and even can move the head a bit) and a couple of sliders to give it a couple of facial expressions plus the benefit of using your own character should be plenty to show what is capable with the full version.



    As much as it’d be nice to get something out for avatar creators, I think it important that the core tech/software get worked on first. Should something serious have to change with the core project, what will that mean for the early viewer?



    I feel that you should wait till after you released the beta, this way your not splitting your focus between the two.



    This will greatly allow people to create, and manage their custom made avatars, and allow for more community made content prior to the release, which will only cause more hype, and purchases for FaceRig. I can only see this being beneficial to everyone, with no negative effects other than possibly sending you all back a little bit. I’d love to see this happen!



    As much as i would love to be able to play with a custom avatar sooner than beta. I don’t think it is worth it. I think this should be the demo of Facerig that you can get AFTER it comes out.


    Studley Destiny

    I think it would be better to get the beta version out before the avatar viewer. Who knows what might develop as a necessity in getting the beta working that might end requiring modifications in the viewer.

    Stay the course and complete the beta please.



    Thread no longer needs input. :3
    /locked (unless Holotech want to unlock and bump it, but I think this is done now)

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