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    When reporting a bug or a crash, please include the full crash text (preferably paste it to and tell us the steps you took to get this error/crash.

    If you want to report a crash (either for the base program or the Launcher), please include the following:
    [list][*]A detailed step by step description on how to get the issue to occur (and if it followed or not a particular program update), complete with the build version.

    [*]The stack trace that shows up

    [*]The VP.log (found at steamappscommonFaceRigVP.log NOTE: this file gets overwritten each time you start FaceRig, so if you already restarted after the crash, there is no need to do this, as it won’t be the log from the crash.)

    [*]The dxdiag file: press windows-key+R, type in dxdiag, enter and wait for it to finish. Then save all and copy the contents of that new file to pastebin.

    [*]For the last 2 files, please DO NOT post them as text here, instead post them on (expiration date of at least 2 weeks, no highlighting and unlisted Exposure) and link that here.[/list]



    This happens when I try and launch the software for the first time 🙁 i am on windows 10.

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    Hi Randy,

    That Windows error usually appears when a required DLL file ( either by the OS or by FaceRig) could not be located. This can happen because of missing installation files or logical drive errors ( among other things, but those two are the most probable) .

    Please make sure that

    – FaceRig was installed when the Steam installer was running with administrator privileges.
    – There are no missing FaceRig files( right click on it in the steam Install folder and choose ” Verify Integrity of the Local Application Data Cache”)
    – All the redistributables from the [SteamLibraryFolder]\FaceRig\_CommonRedist\ were successfully installed as well.
    – you run a disk check on your drive to make sure there are no logical disk errors.
    – your antivirus is not blocking the Steam client or any of the installers from writing their files in the FaceRig folder.

    If you still get the error even after the above please send us the VP.log and dxdiag.

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    After many hours of work, I cannot make your software run.

    At first, I was getting the missing vcomp100.dll error. So I reinstalled many times. Gave up, then
    tried uninstall. Then reinstall.

    Now I’m getting “There is a problem with Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup
    did not finish as expected. Contact support personnel or package vendor.”

    This is for Studio as recommended directly from your site (not thru Steam).




    HEre’s a screen shot



    Kept playing, got it….reinstalled, and reloaded some microsoft libraries, its’ up



    Hi Theater. Just bought it yesterday and encountered this error “VCOMP100.DLL”. If I knew this post that facerig has not replied you for a month for a $300 product user, I might not purchase it at the first place… Did you fix this issue yet?



    Hi OKG, the error you mentioned appears usually means that the redistributables (VS2010) were not installed correctly, so what you need to do is navigate to \steamapps\common\FaceRig\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010 and install both of the executable files found there. Let us know how it goes.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by  facerig.
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