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    I have recently hired an artist to create a facerig model for me in Maya.
    He has a few questions I cannot seem to find the answers to; thought I would ask here:
    1. “Are there specific export settings from Maya to facerig – specific units or flipped axis stuff?”
    2. “do I need the full developer version of face rig?” Presumably to test.

    As the user of said facerig mode, I have some questions.
    3. What software do I need? Facerig studio – personal? Is that it?
    4. Will a Logitech c920 be sufficient for the facerig to work properly?

    Thank you so much for any help you can provide



    Hello, I will answer your questions in the same manner, with numbered points:

    1. There aren’t any specific export settings; what’s the format the artist you mentioned wants to export in? (

    2. It depends on your use-case. If by “full developer” version you mean the FaceRig Studio – Personal version, then that version allows you (being a feature that the Classic version does not have) to export animations as .fbx files to use in 3D modelling software, which is usable when creating a model. Here you can decide what your use-case is and you can leave a reply and I’ll give you more information on the differences in the licenses.

    3. The same answer as for the 2nd point. You can import a created character in FaceRig Classic too, but you don’t have other features (.fbx export, timeline editor, free commercial use), so it’s up to you which version you want.

    4. You should have no problem with a Logitech c920. Furthermore, here’s a pinned thread on Steam where users talk about the best cameras, backgrounds etc You can consult it too for more information.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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