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    Hello, I would like to purchase the Studio version where I can create my own custom avatars. I stream games and would like to change from different avatars as I am changing from different scenes in the games. I am a designer, but I am wondering if it is a fairly easy to go in and bring a custom image of an avatar to life. I am not sure of the differences between 2D and 3D, but I just want to create type of avatar that comes in the normal Steam purchased version of FaceRig.

    I need help on what is the best product for me and also are there hot keys to change avatars? I want to change avatars with my stream Deck when live.

    Sorry if a question already exists that answers this question, I could not find it.

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back!



    After a little more digging, I think I understand which product to buy, so thanks for that… Am I correct in seeing that I must use photoshop during the creation of a 2D avatar?



    The creation process of a 3D avatar is more complex, as opposed to the creation process of a 2D avatar. The type of avatar that comes with the normal Steam FaceRig version (FaceRig Classic) is the 3D one. You also have the option of purchasing and adding the Live2D module which then would enable the use of 2D avatars on FaceRig.

    Indeed, the Cubism 3 version allows you to import a .PSD illustration directly into Cubism 3 with all of its layers and be instantly ready for modeling.

    To change the avatars during the stream you have to have the “hooked keys” option active (Advanced UI > General Options > Preferences > General > Enable Hooked Keys), and the avatar should be saved to a slot, which can be done by pressing (at the same time) Ctrl + Shit + 1, add another avatar and save it to a second slot (the same as with the first avatar, but this time press key 2); to change between them just press Ctrl + the slot’s number.



    Thank you so much for your response, that was great. I am definitely in the 3D market.

    I have been searching for options to sub-out avatar creation, but I am now leaning back to a FaceRig Studio purchase and building them myself, as I need several avatars.

    Could you please answer, do I need Photoshop to ultimately create a fully functional 3D avatar? Or can I do it all in Cubism 3? I am most versed in Flash Professional CS6, it would be great if I could leverage that application’

    I would like to know the end-to-end software tools I will need to get the job done before pulling the trigger on a purchase, that’s all.

    Thanks again for the great response!



    Just so to clear any misunderstanding, the Cubism 3 tool is for 2D avatar creation only. In your previous reply you asked if Photoshop can be used in creating a 2D avatar. The answer for that is yes, Cubism 3 allows you to animate a .PSD illustration into a 2D avatar.

    To create a 3D avatar, one would have to model it in a 3D modeling software like Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, then import it into FaceRig using our ImporterWizard. We have a tutorial on how to create a 3D avatar right here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9A2HzJCWwFWYnN6SFRPbW1mRWM/view, and another on how to use the importer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0ciRKrWV2vsN25yUlRJdHExd0E/view

    Let us know if you have more questions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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