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    The prestige avatars are two extra avatars that will be made available free of charge to the IGG backers.
    Our question is, should we make them available for pre-orders as well, or should we have them even after Beta for sale in a special avatar pack (at a “prestige” i.e. much higher than regular avatars price) in order to help us with development.

    Or should we keep them just for the Indiegogo backers.

    Our first intention was to keep them solely for the IGG backers, but after giving it some thought, if they help bring higher sales that means we’ll have more funds to develop FaceRig (polish it more, add new features, support another platform) and that benefits the initial backers as well.
    Let us know your opinion on this.

    {mijopolls 5}



    You should make some unique props only for IGG backers. But not avatars. I think prestige ones should be free for backers and steam preorderers, and be buyable for everyone else.


    Probably could make it a launch promo. For the first couple months they can be available to all as a way to show the people that were there from the beginning of it’s public availability while possibly maintaining a special skin for IGG backers.


    I’ll know that I’m sounding selfish as will the other 25% or so that voted for it – but I do enjoy the Boast Rights that’d be granted to the many who did originally back the campaign at IGG.

    The funds would help, it would.

    but ‘Boast Rights’ should exist in some way, it’s going to be obvious to the fact that Doge is going to be a huge boost of sales to the public and internet-wanderers and ‘meme lovers’ (Even if I think Doge is Cancer). Doge ALONE will boost sales, market it properly because it may sell the default bundle / classic much more than you’re expecting (Not sure what your analysis of such a thing is) but do not underestimate ‘Doge lovers’ who’d stop at nothing to use Doge and would buy Facerig JUST for Doge.

    That being said…. IGG Backers in my mind should get SOMETHING that is rightfully exclusive for them to boast about how they were the Original backers whom supported and were the ones who made the campaign the success that it is. There’s a Hall of Fame but that is it then, and we all do like to feel special in some way by knowing we have something that many others do not, like LE Game or CE Game collections.

    I’d just advise that the ‘Prestige avatars’ are Awesome/not sucky. At the same time, not an avatar that ‘targets’ the internet like Doge does, cause if an Avatar like Doge was ‘Exclusive’ to IGG backers? That would of course hugely damper sales at Beta on Steam.

    Ideas for IGG-Backer-Exclusives ‘If’ it loses exclusivity – – – or maybe just awesome usable ideas anyways for backers!:

    Exclusive Golden Crown ~ Would fit on Fluffo’s head quite nicely. Don’t forget it to be JEWEL ENCRUSTED! and Blingy. (Features to deactivate bling as well)

    Flag / Flagpole in the background that allows Backers to show their Donation-Rank and symbol

    Medals/Pin buttons for avatars to wear – Things like Pin buttons that are exclusive to show Rank/Uniqueness and a bit of pizazz like on Fluffo’s Scarf, Cartoon’y wolfs clothing, on the Marine Captains’ beret and so on. – Perhaps customizable varying on what you want others to see, designs, symbols, acronyms, and colour changes to the background or base of the button.

    Having a Coffee Mug prop on the bottom left/right border of the screen that displays a kiss-ass text like “Facerig Elite” – As would be expected with mugs that have “Worlds Greatest Dad” sort of simple design.

    EXCLUSIVE….CARDBOARD BOX / PAPER BAG to place over your avatars head! Featuring exclusive Eye-holes so you can glare at your viewers.

    That’s it. I’m out of ideas for now.


    Also for the sake of honesty too – The polls are exploitable.

    You can make multiple votes, though I am unsure what the exact reason is for, I relogged on and could revote because I could not see the results.



    I think it changes your vote though, it does not count as an extra vote 😀



    I like the idea of giving the backers and the pre-order steamers access to the prestige avatars, but putting them up for money for the rest of the world makes them seem less like a reward if all the prestige avatars looked the same for all parties. Not that I don’t wish for Facerig to make as much money as they can even for a higher price for everyone else. It just seems like getting a gold medal as a accomplishment for being there at the beginning (Indegogo Backers) and getting excited for the new product (steam preorders) will be a less of an reward if everybody has one (a gold medal). This meaning everyone’s prestige avatar looks that same whether you backed up the game before the release versus after the release, but instead of running the race you just pay to get the prize. Like in previous replies there are mentions of different props for the backers avatars (pins, shirts or something on the Avatar or their background that shows their backer badges) That will at least make the thought of having prestige avatars more special.

    Just my two cents.


    Oh no D: The IGG backer vote is almost gonna lose 😯 Nooooo!



    I have to say, give the igg & beta backers an “exclusive” item… They are the ones who believed in the product, and they are the ones that push your product forward on the market. I think that you could do also a “premium” DLC content later on that people can buy and indiegogo backers get for free (or included in the season pack), but the indiegogo & pre-orders should be the ones that should receive the “exclusive” item for their efforts in facerig.

    Its something that I see with a lot of kickstarters: They give out 2 or 3 “kickstarter exclusives” to push the product. A good example are a bag of dice I got through kickstarter. There is only 1 black/green kickstarter exclusive dice that is only produced once, only given out during kickstarter, and after that you can still get the “unlocked” dice at a higher price (kickstarter backers got them for free) but not the kickstarter exclusive dice.



    I just want Facerig to succeed and if more avatar availability gets you guys more funds to develop with I’d rather you take that option. Either way I’ll already have the 2 special ones myself. Wanting to keep that from others who might need incentive to preorder when it might help Facerig further develop at such a crucial point in time is just far too self centered. We don’t need to be greedy and entitled wanting to feel special.

    Granted when I backed Facerig I was backing the concept and want of the program to exist at all. Any extra shinies thrown at me are just a bonus after that and thus I see no issue with it myself. Others are going to potentially take it personally if others get the 2 avatars but they run the risk of hurting preorder incentive if there’s not anything to reward people preordering too.



    Rewarding those that gave you support early on is fine, but I don’t believe punishing those that come later is a good direction to go.

    I know I’d be extremely frustrated if I first found out about Facerig after launch and then learned that wolves were marked as prestige avatars, therefore making them unavailable to me forever just because I wasn’t there from the beginning. That could hurt sales, while making them available to both IGG backers and pre-orders could boost them.

    I’d rather see IGG backers and pre-orders get some unique and exclusive props or effects for their avatars.

    VVolfsong wrote:
    Rewarding those that gave you support early on is fine, but I don’t believe punishing those that come later is a good direction to go.

    I know I’d be extremely frustrated if I first found out about Facerig after launch and then learned that wolves were marked as prestige avatars, therefore making them unavailable to me forever just because I wasn’t there from the beginning. That could hurt sales, while making them available to both IGG backers and pre-orders could boost them.

    I’d rather see IGG backers and pre-orders get some unique and exclusive props or effects for their avatars.

    How is it….Punishing….? Being denied something is not Punishing, except to those who’re spoiled. “I made these cookies for work, you can’t have any” – *tempertantrum ensues*…. It’s just not rational. The cookies were made for Indiegogo supporters. Was brought to them, made for them, given to them. Then you have an envious group of people going “HEY, WHY DIDN’T WE GET ANY COOKIES TOO!”

    Then the answer to that is? Well, there’s gonna be a lot of avatar updates and variables in types and steam workshop support and support for anyone to make their own. I highly doubt the Exclusive avatars are going to be the kind that would be a Common-avatar people will want to use like Wolf, Fluffo, Fox – any licensed ones and so-on. Though I at the same time hope they aren’t just silly ones that no one would want to use too. Also P.S. don’t take this as me being mean and angry at you btw….just my constructive criticism I’m tossing out here.

    MMO’s work in a similar process and does not hurt sales. If you played WoW or an MMO that had Events prior to your involvement or purchase of the game. You may have missed an in-game historical moment. That or Guild Wars 1/2 for example. Many events were things that happened at a scheduled time and if you didn’t have the game but perhaps got it 1 year down the road? You can’t complain to the developers and go “I didn’t buy and play the game til much later! But I want to participate in all the unique events that I had missed and get the rewards still!” – It again is – on the spoiled-side of self-entitlement. To me, this is a gift to those who found their way to facerig or heard of it due to their research and email links and browsing, and supporting them at the very beginning and here is the gift for that. Just as with the cookie analogy. Yea, people are gonna become envious of the cookies and want to be treated as equals – at the same time I’d go and say “Welp, the world isn’t made to cushion everyone and try to give them the illusion of equality, equality barely exists in this world”

    Yeah, I already said that I support the semi-greedy side of myself in page 1. Though I’d still argue that it’s essentially Sales vs Loyalty vs Spoiling to reduce drama and envious-future-supporters. I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 for SO DAMN LONG. I have no idea how many events I’ve missed, but I ain’t going to worry about it :L Cause I know most cases are? It’s made up from the future-plans in some way cater to the people that miss out by giving something ‘Very similar’.

    Like if ‘IGG’ supporters got a GOLDEN RACCOON! and down the road, everyone can get a regular raccoon – the end of it is like “YEA! We all got a raccoon now! ‘They’ just got a shiny one, but, we’re still not denied the coon-love!” And look at it on the bright side of things 😮



    Void Singer

    while I love exclusives, I also hate them…. because I miss out more often than not.

    maybe give a slightly unique version to backers, and a choice of one for pre-orders, with a buy-in for those that come in after… everyone wins, most of all you guys. they don’t need to be drasticaly different in price, but I say that not knowing how low you intend to price them, or how much more work goes into them compared to the others.

    at the very least that would disincentivise people ripping them or reverse engineering them as that does tend to get “excused” by people without access to them, or incluence peddlers and white knights pushing them out.

    yes I know I’m horribly late to reply = X


    I must say, I want the prestiges avatars exclusive, because we backed it and it’s not fair if other one (like pre-orderer) get them too. That would be a bad sign to the backers. I’m not a egoist with this but it would be very bad in my eyes …

    Sorry for this very late reply, but I found today finally to the FaceRig forum 😉

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