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    Ah.. you’re right. I’ll have to fix this soon.



    One question, if I buy the 100$ one (FaceRig Sovereign) do I get the pro license AND all the upgrades + new features (like more characters and avatars) that are going to be realeased in the future? or only the ones they realeased when the pro version is out? (sorry for my bad english)



    Need to be careful with Steam if this is the business model you intend to go with. Steam users are not likely to accept recurring charges down the line (MMOs get an exemption to this rule for the most part.)

    It will be seen as a recurring charge as most users interpret DLC or extras offered on a storefront to be part of the product and not extra- no matter how hard you try to argue the point. It isn’t entirely rational, but isn’t too unbelievable either with what some game development publishers have done in the past few years.


    You get the Pro Facerig license and all future avatar packs.


    At the pace the technology progress is going, there will be new technology available I estimate every two or three years, and there will be people demanding those new technologies to be put to use in a new version of FaceRig (Facerig 2.0, 3.0 etc)).

    Of course the old version will not stop working or anything (after all there are folks still using windows XP right now) , but when compared with the new stuff, it will seem dated.

    All programs have some cost associated with their next major version, in order cover the cost of researching and developing the said next major version. There is no exception that I can think of and it is not a matter of DLC, and it is not a compulsory upgrade, and is valid also for the games on Steam, ( example: Saints Row 3 was followed by Saints Row 4).

    There is also the scenario where we have enough resoruces to afford researching and licensing those new technologies from just the avatar packs, in which case, the program upgrades may cost a lot less , or maybe nothing at all. But that’s a pretty big IF.

    But anyway, we’re talking 2016 -2017 here.



    When Facerig 2.0+ comes out, if we upgrade to it and we have a plan that includes all future avatar packs for free, will we get Facerig 2.0+ avatar packs as well or is it restricted to 1.0 avatars?


    That’s the plan 🙂 It wouldn’t be for life if it would stop at 1.0, would it ?:)



    Ok, I have the $50 FaceRig Monarch teir. Lets say that after I try it and I really enjoy using it. If I then decide that I want to upgrade to the pro version will I still keep my free for life actor & background expansion perk?



    What have I started? :O


    @ Sgt_Brony. That I do not know right now. The Pro avatar packs might need to have a different EULA than the Classic ones (even though they will be essentially the same) because of the monetisation thing on Pro, so it may be some legal issue with that.
    First we have to focus on building the program, then we will get legal people on board to help us sort this out.

    Also if on Steam we will give avatar packs as DLC’s, and you get a pro license upgrade to your Classic license, depending how we treat the license upgrade – if it is a different item on Steam than the classic ? Is it a dlc that once downloaded lets you start either Classic or Pro , like Xcom Enemy Within ?- In the first case the DLC of the Classic item do not readily transfer, so there might be a hefty sandwich of issues to sort through there. In the second case the DLC does not need transfer because it is there already, but it may be confusing for the people to understand that to get the Pro, they need to buy the classic, then the upgrade from classic to pro, then accept a new EULA for their already downloaded DLC. It gets unnecessarily convoluted.

    The thing is we have to keep things easy to understand for the average user, and at this point seems that having the three FaceRig Licenses listed as separate items, and a license once puchased, has its avatars linked to it as DLC is the easiest to understand.

    If you want us to give you an definitive answer NOW, then by the looks of it the answer is no, it will not upgrade because of the following:

    After the crowdfunding campaign end there will be no option for free avatars for life for anyone. This is an offer that is exclusive for the crowdfunding campaign, and once the crowdfunding campaign ends, the offer is off the table. Only upgrades that can be performed after the crowdfunding campaign ends is to licenses that will be available at that time.



    Didn’t mean to imply that an upgrade fee to major updates is out of the question or unacceptable, just that the… perception by Steam users tends to be hostile to the idea. Approaching there has to be done carefully. That said.. pushing out to 2017 may be long enough to avoid any grumbling on their side.



    Thanks, I figure I just ask that question since it came into my head. But as of right now the classic will be fine with me just to skype and chat with other people.



    It’s a bummer that Indiegogo doesn’t accept Paysafecard… Am stalking the crowdfunding site since Christmas, now only 4 days left and I still couldn’t donate! *cray2*

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