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    I may just get the $50 and play with it for a while Because Studio is an unknown to me and it is like gambling $200 because I am not sure how it works with maya 3d studio max yet or if it it’s workflow will work on my projects. Then buy studio version 2.0 or upgrade.

    I want to see how it operates first in person and Rig things for it.

    As much as I would love to just spend $200 for studio I have other equipment to buy. I have no intention of making money with it unless it is motion capture files for maya and 3d studio max. I just want to play.




    Will it cost less money to upgrade from pro version to Studio version? Than from the bottom classic to studio? When studio ships later?

    If such pay to upgrade is going on? You get a steam code with it right?

    I forgot if classic still lets you make character content for it?



    Yes, it will cost less money to upgrade from pro to studio rather than Classic to Studio, as Pro costs more money than Classic. It will most likely be the difference between the two. Example if classic is $15 and Studio is $100 (Just a random number) then the fee would more than likely be $85 to upgrade. As if Pro costs $50 and Studio costs $100 (Still random numbers for simplicity) It will only cost $50 to upgrade.

    As for your second question, Classic will let you make character content for it. Pro simply allows you to monitize your content. In all honesty if you’re using copyrighted content that the community made (Such as MLP, Mario, ect.) you won’t even be able to monitize it any way as it’s copyrighted content, and would have to make it non monitizable reguardless if you have pro or not (Only if you use custom made copyrighted content)

    Hope this helps with your question.



    I’m not sure if this has been answered….

    Is it still to late to upgrade the benefit package that we purchased during the crowdfunding? I wanted to go to the Pro, or Studio.. I had nearly forgotten all about this.. LOL.

    Main reason, the revenue bit. I like to keep options open 😉



    Facerig/Alleycat has the final say but there are some things I can already clear up:
    1. you can ALWAYS upgrade to pro / studio, even after beta. The pricing however will be the same for someone why buys the program at the start of the beta program (minus the normal version, since you already get that)
    2. Just like just after the campaign was over, you will not be able to upgrade after the campaign if you don’t have donated at least the required amount during the campaign. You can however switch perks of the same level or combine multiple donations. Splitting might be possible too, but that I’m not sure about and why would you want to do that.
    3. If you haven’t donated the required amount during the campaign or not donated at all, you can’t get any of the perks (X amount free / free for life and the like) Those were only available during the campaign and will not be made available later in any way.

    To summarize, if you haven’t donated a total of at least $40/$200 during the IGG campaing you can’t get an upgrade to pro/studio with the perks included, but you can still buy an upgrade with your old perks (not any new) at the start of beta.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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