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    Hello 🙂
    The message below has been sent to all folks who have offered to help with the translation via the online Form a while back.
    However I am also posting it here, because there may be people on the forum that did not send a translation help e-mail, that may also be willing to help us with the translation.

    You are receiving this mail because at some point you have offered your help for translating the FaceRig Website, for which we cannot thank you enough, you rock.

    We did not forget about it, just that so far we have not kicked off the translation process because there are two important functions that as far as we know are not yet fully implemented.1 – the auto import localized strings from an XLS based on their unique ID function is not implemented on the website yet.
    2 – the language switcher is also not implemented yet.

    Also the fact that website text content will change a bit after the crowd-funding campaign ends has also stalled things a bit (no sense asking you translating things that are about to change anyway).
    So now as the campaign comes closer to finishing, we need to ask you about how do you feel it is the best way to collaborate when translating the website text.

    A. One way to go about translating the content is for me to to create e-mail loops (self governing e-mail loops) for each of the the languages that we mean to translate FaceRig to, and in those loops to have all you good folks who have offered their help for that particular language (so that you can discuss and the work can be divided and no translation has to be done twice). However for this method to work you have to agree that we can share your e-mail address with other translators, so please let us know if you are cool with this.

    B. Another way to go about it without you having to share your e-mail ( but you will have to make a forum account) , is to have translation threads in the Embassy sub-form of each of the languages present on the FaceRig Forum, (if there are
    languages without Sub-forums that do have willing translators, we will create the sub forums, no worries).
    Then, on those threads, the discussion about translation can go on (it will be public, but at least you won’t have to share your e-mail addresses if you do not want to).Personally I am partial to the B method.

    The text to be translated, in English, will come in an xls file, with all strings aligned on a column.
    The translated text will needs to respect the same format but it should be on its own column to the right of the English text.

    That kind of file (XLS) can be edited by the Libre Office suite, which is downloadable for free online from Oracle. It is basically a full functioning free Office suite. If you do happen to have Microsoft Office you will not need Libre Office, XLS files can be opened in Excel.

    So what do you think ? Let us know your thoughts.

    All the best,


    3 things:
    1. I would like to be included for the Dutch translation-group, you can reach me on the email I use for this account.
    2. I vote for option B, so that even people not directly in the group can present other / better options to translations or point out mistakes.
    Also, to make it more coherent, you might want to make 1 sub-forum for all translation files and just a different post for each language, so that also if you (can) translate multiple languages you only have to look 1 page to see where something is changed.
    3. Could you point me to where you announced that form? (Just to know for myself how I might have missed it)



    I can try making a Polish version. Im not a profesional translator, but I will try making it gramatical correct. You can contact me with email/message, and I can work in both A or B version.



    I vote for option B, and I’d be volunteering for the English to French part 🙂
    It seems to be the easiest to go with, mostly because it makes it possible to discuss a translation together on the forum directly, and it also makes it easier to get suggestions or possible detail corrections from the other translators.

    Then, for people getting to work with the translation strings, using a Translation Memory and Computer-Aided Translation program will make it simpler when new strings are added or when existing ones are modified. When I was in training, the university used SDL Trados. But in spite of it being very handy, it’s also very expensive. That’s why it’s also possible to go for TM programs like OmegaT. Those help keeping track of changes in translations and highlight untranslated strings.


    I’m just posting this here, to make you know, that I managed it to create my account in here. 😉

    And as I mailed, I’m still neutral wich point you should choose.
    If B is also readable for any other member here, it should be really nice, cause anybody can make sure that the translation is right, but it can also cause trouble, because some english words might be easy translated in multiple ways and this can possibly make the translation progress itself complicated. 🙂
    I’m translating subtitles since nearly a year and I really know how chaotic it can be. But it’s still a good idea, if anybody is treating it the right way. Cause then, it can be really nice regarding the final multilanguaged version of FaceRig. 🙂

    So no matter what you choose, I would recommend an intern list of translators. This helps you to get the right contact, if anything’s not right with the translation or somebody get’s peasy about it. 🙂 And I know that not anyone is always online in a forum. 🙂



    Im just going to reply the post because it is pretty much my opinion to the translation help. And I also post this to make you know I made an account here. 😀


    Perfect. 😀



    I think i can help to make a Hungarian version 🙂
    I have spoken with my english friends in skype and they wont thinking about i’m not English :p
    But i never learn English xDD So i teaching myself :3 and i think… i get it 😀

    Rare that time when i found a word that i never seen before :3



    As said before, I’d offer helping translate to german.

    To me option B seems a better ID, since some wordings might be tricky to translate and multiple brains have more ideas than one.



    As mentioned in the wrong sub-forum xD I’d love to help with the german translation.

    I’d also vote for B, because, like EchoesAbove stated some phrases are tricky to translate and different minds take different approaches.



    I’d like to offer to translate to Spanish and French! And I agree with option B



    I am not the best translater, but I could translate both Romanian and Italian. I also agree with Option 2.


    Erik 256

    I could help with Italian. I’ve been doing this kind of translation for some time, anyway.

    I’m not sure how the e-mail loops would work, precisely, but I would definitely find comfortable having everything that needs to be worked on directly in my mail.



    If help is needed, I can provide my skills to translate from English to German.

    As far as I can see, there is strong interest and excitement towards Facerig from the German Furry community.



    So many Germans here O_O; but if you need one more: Reporting for duty. Just send me an EMail or PM – if interested. ;]
    I’d like to help with the English → German translation and also prefer option B, since more brains are better than one, as already mentioned above.

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