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    The perks would definitelly be different and fewer then what was in the original campaign because there would be no “for life” rewards in the second campaign of any kind. Also the cost per license would be higher, just not as high as during Beta early access.

    The thing is it just feels wrong to tell people when they ask . “No, there is so way you can help or get involved” Because they did find us sooner than August, and are excited about FaceRig; but true they did not find us not as soon as the original backers, but it does make sense to aknowledge that somehow.

    We’ll also see if Steam offers any from of discounted pre-order, that might be a wiser solution.


    Hello good people 🙂

    In the last week we got quite a few e-mails on the web-site form, on the forum messages, on facebook, g+ etc from folks that found out late about the Indiegogo campaign, and would still want to contribute, but unfortunatelly the campaign is over.

    I’ve made another thread ( not this one) that is meant to help us figure out if there are indeed more then just a handful (or are just a few people messagging us on all available channels, as I suspect 😀 ) :P.

    What do you think , if the number of willing folks is high enough (let’s say over a thousand), how would you feel if we would hold a follow-up campaign for those who missed out, in about two months from now ( different set of perks, defferent pricing to reflect the later date) ?

    I’m not saying that we will, I’m just trying to get your opinions on the matter. This is the tread for debating it :D.

    There’s also going to be a backer poll on the matter, as soon as TeamWEB finalises the needed system for backer-only polls.



    I think it all depends on the length of time between this campaign passed and the one you’re suggesting. If it came up days or a few weeks after, for example, it’d be bordering on a slap to those who had to compromise for something they didn’t want in order to get in before the time ran out.



    Aren’t you all going to allow pre-purchases around August? When the Beta comes out which will still be cheaper than the original product? I feel that a lot of people might feel jipped if you are keeping the same perks. People donated right then on the spot rather than waiting until later just to get the special perks, some people might have even cut into some of their funds that they shouldn’t have for the occasion.

    I personally wouldn’t mind, and it would give me a chance to donate another $50 assuming you will allow combinations (So I could get the $100 perk instead of the $50 I bougt) as my tax returns should be coming in soon. This is another thing you should look at as well, it would be a lot of extra work on your end, as people might re-buy a product and ask you combine it with another, even if you have it in the post saying that you don’t want to do that, people tend not to read things all the time. You will get several people buying it, then requesting it. If you are not doing it, and tell them no, they will most likely want their money back, which you cannot do in indiegogo as it’s a donation site.

    Just some things to look at, and pounder about. As stated, I personal would like to see it if you are allowing the users to combine donations to obtain the original perks. If you do have changed perks you could always make it so people backing the previous IGG campaign were able to donate for upgraded old perks, whilst the new donators had to wait.

    Yet another note, indiegogo is a campaign based around raising money for a product you don’t have enough money to offord yourself. This could lead to the second event being shut down, and you raised far beyond your point. This might be something you would have to add in a ‘shop’ tab, or ‘buy early access’ tab. Allowing people to still contribute directly through paypal. You could do this for a month then shut it down if you so chose too.

    Hope these helped, and sorry for the long post. Just thought I’d shed some light on some events that could possibly accure with this. I tend to like to look at all the aspects, and what could come to prevent headaches, confusions, or having your company looking bad in any way shape or form.



    Xyphien mentions a lot of valid points.

    Is there any precident where a crowdfunded project achieved their goal and went back for a second round of funding on the same project? From what I understand, the purpose of croedfunding is to gain enough revenue to launch a project. If that’s possible at this point, a subsequent campaign wouldn’t be for that purpose.

    If people wish to contribute, they can certainly pre-order the software. I don’t know if you’re able to facilitate such through Steam but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to do via this site (as also suggested by Xyphien). In effect, it’d be the same basic opportunity to provide funds helping to facilitate the product development and launch.



    To start, I don’t believe running a second campaign with identical terms would be in very good taste. The potential for getting the public relations wrong is pretty darn high. As stated before, running an identical campaign might not even be an option. However, the bottom line is that if people want to throw money at you there should be a way for them to do so.

    Setting up some kind of pre-order option is my preferred solution. I would recommend only offering the products you plan on selling after release (activation keys, digital actor packages, etc). I would also recommend placing the cost above the campaign prices but below final retail. Lastly, the only perk I would suggest is the early access given to backers. No “avatars for life”. No participating in backers-only polls. Early access and a discount for buying early seems fair to me, but the rest of the perks were all specific to the campaign and offering them again would likely upset a number of people.


    Well, if we would contenplate such a thing it would be in about two months, and the perks would be different then in the original campaign. Prices a bit higer and no “for life” rewards.

    However at the time I am writing this there are no posts at all in the “I missed the campaign thread” so I think the point may actually be moot :D.

    I mean would theoretically consider this to be a possibility only if the people involved really want to help, and be part of the community. If they do not make a forum account and do not want to know the community or get involved with the development at least a little, and just want a discount on the end product, then Early Access in August it will be when they can get it :).


    Well in august we will allow Early Access, so yes.

    If this follow-up campaign is going to become a thing (which right now it does not look like it will) it will have a different set of perks. No “for life” rewards for instance, and higher prices per license.

    It just feels wrong to have to tell people who are genuinely interested and excited “Sorry you’re too late., there’s nothing we can do until August ” . I’d like to have better news for them.

    Maybe a pre-oder on Steam would be a possibility. Will have to look into that.


    Yes , quite a few make follow-up campaigns for those who missed out, but they typically make them immediatelly after, they are shorter and offer only a few rewards, not the full set of original perks.

    I for one would love to stay on the original plan and not complicate things any further, but at the same time I would like to have better news for the folks that say “Hey I just found you, is there any way I can still get in?” but the more I think about it, the more some form of pre-order system seems like the proper way way to go about it.



    After reading the newer responses, I too agree with a pre-order phase, before the early access phase. I know Steam allow pre-order phases on GAMES, so I don’t see why Valve would shaft you guys here. Then again, it’s Valve, and I know better than to question them… They are as bad as they are good, afterall =/ .. though, that does tend to be on the Customer Service end, not the Publisher Service side (that we hear of, anyway).

    So yeah, I say ask Valve about this, and let us know what they say. If they need convincing, I’m sure the community will make its voice heard.



    I’d say at the very least, a pre-order option should be available to people. If they didn’t hear about it, than reach wasn’t good enough (not for a lack of trying!)

    I’d be fine with pre-orders before Beta. I think a “late supporter” option might be a good idea for those who want to support in the interim, though it would naturally make it extremely complicated to upgrade teirs. Frankly, I think it would have to be a seperate campaign and you’d likely have to build/use a storefront yourselves rather than using an existing funding site.

    I don’t know.. personally I wouldn’t have any issue with adding a late backer campaign provided it does not break the following rules:

    1. Perks offered to late backers do not offer better or similar value to tiers offered in the original Indiegogo campaign.
    2. Perks in the second run must not offer anything that wasn’t available to Indiegogo supporters.
    3. The second run must be for a limited time, much like the first campaign.
    4. After the second run, anyone else who missed should look for a standard pre-order that may or may not be at full price but should not be less than the first or second run.

    In the end, the perks for the IG campaign aren’t super duper secret only-for-backers things. The avatar packs will still be sold to other people, so there’s nothing else to worry about.



    That’s some funky number placement you’ve got there xP
    Try to avoid editing it out, it could be useful to TeamWEB



    It’s the numbered list code.



    Instead of a champaign just open a store section with different options of facerigs licenses to purchase at a slightly higher price then the indiegogo but lower then the release date price. If they want a free for life background and avatar pack then the price should be higher. But why the store option is because then you want have to worry about paying any fees to any croudfunding sites.



    I was all set to give enough to get the program for life (the $50 Monarch package) and just blanked on when the campaign ended. If there was a late option that let me still get that I’d do so, even at double or triple the cost. Sadly, if the only way I’ll be able to get the product is through Steam, I won’t be getting it.

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