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    Hello good people 🙂

    In the last week we got quite a few e-mails on the web-site form, on the forum messages, on facebook, g+ etc from folks that found out late about the Indiegogo campaign, and would still want to contribute, but unfortunatelly the campaign is over.

    We are trying to get a fair ideea of how many people missed the campaign on indiegogo, and how many would like a follow up campaign to exist prior to August (we want to figure out if there really are a lot of folks in this situation, or is it it just just a few people, sending us messages on all available channels) .

    Please make a post (and only one post) on this thread if for whatever reason, you missed out the crowdfunding campaign and would like a follow-up campaign to be held prior to August.

    Also if you see anyone asking if the campaign is still going, please point them to this thread.

    If the number of willing folks is high enough, in roughly two months we will poll our current backer pool to see how would they feel if FaceRig would have a follow-up campaign prior to August.

    Please do not use this thread to debate the matter, this thread is just for the headcount. I’ll make a different thread for the debate :D.



    I thought the deadline was later than it was. I’d really like to donate $50 for the program, especially because then I’ll be able to get it without Steam.



    Oh didnt see that, so you already know me. Count me in *waits argh*



    Yes please! Just posted a post on this topic x.x

    (I should go remove it now *shuffle shuffle*)



    I missed it too 🙁



    I had missed due to the internet being out for quite a while during a moviea while back.


    Horned Foxx

    Posting as requested.



    A quick update to this post before I lock it.
    We intend to start pre-orders on Steam around the end of June beginning of July so everybody will be able to purchase FaceRig then (this doesn’t change the estimated date for Beta).
    We’ll let everybody know when the pre-orders start via Facebook, G+ and our site.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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