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    Thanks for clearing that up, I’m glade now that I upgraded to the pro version ^_^



    Ok, my question is this. I have the pro version with free for life characters and backgrounds. Now, are they going to be the same characters and background that’s going to be with the classic and studio or does each will have their own unique character and backgrounds that’s only available for that particular license?



    That would make no sense, to have different ones per license. Doing that would only limit Holotech’s ability to sell them, making it harder to cover the production costs of each pack, and making less overflow that can be used on further program development.

    So, you don’t need to worry about missing out, I don’t think ^ ^


    The actors and backgrounds will all be the same format. The real difference between the licenses is the ability to monetize.


    Well the avatars that we, Holotech Studios, will design create and own the copyrights to such as Fluffo, the issue is simple: they will all be for all licenses no questions asked, because we do not depend on any third parties and we are free to do with them what se see fit. So that part is simple, and if our avatars is all that you are interested in, then you can rejoice knowing that there are no restrictions 😀 .

    Then there’s established avatars such as Spiderman, or Wonder Woman. Ideally we would love to provide the same avatars for all licenses, without any restriction, even for licensed content BUT because we have to deal with the scary world of of copyright laws and character licensing, these matters get a lot more complicated, because everything has to be negotiated with the copyright holders. We will ofcourse try to get the best deal we can, but we may not always succeeed. I am no lawyer but probably this is how is going to go down :

    Most likely there will have to be different licensing terms for the non profit avatars, then for-profit avatars. For instance some character copyright holders (let’s say UberCompany01, that owns the right to UberHeroMan) might allow us to build avatars of their licensed heroes for non profit use for a low price, so that’s one type of avatar license. For money-making purposes they might not want to do it at all, ever, or they may be convinced to do it but they would would request more money (as it is natural).

    So for Licensed avatars , we may end up looking at the licensed avatars being offered in two or more licensing flavours like:

    a. Non profit UberHeroMan – Low cost (Can be used on any FaceRig version, but the use is restricted for non profit even if you have Studio or Pro and up)

    b. For Profit UberHeroMan – Higer cost. , (can only be purchased and used on FaceRig Pro and Studio and up).

    Naturally they may even ask us to disable some or any customisation options for UberHeroMan, and we would have to listen.

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