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    I donated to facerig a while ago and recently checked in on the campaign when I noticed that some of the perk teirs have different delivery dates (I dont know if thats new or I missed it the first time around). My question is will all supporters have beta/first release access at the same time or will upper tiers get access in may or april while the rest wait for august?

    Also if I donate more ontop of what I’ve already donated will it upgrade me to the perk for that amount? Meaning if I put in $20 before and add on another $30 now will I recieve the facerig monarch perk or will I receive two facerig clan outfitters perks?


    Hello Teemo. The different delivery dates were there from the start.

    Earliest that we estimate to have a deliverable version is indeed August, for Classic and Pro, for all support levels.
    Studio will come later (but for the ones who got the Specialist we will also provide a temporary Classic license, so they don’t have to wait).

    If you have donated more, nothing happens automatically.
    If you want to upgrade your perk, we have described the procedure in the FAQ on the campaign page. It is not something that Indiegogo offers and therefore it is more complicated.

    Getting a second perk for a secondary backing of the campaign is much more straightforward: just do the normal steps.

    Did this clear up things for you ?:)


    Hello guys,

    I want to work woth you for the development of the Russian market.

    Please contact me on [email protected] or 00380938332988


    i donated yesterday and never was told anything about donloding beta will it come in the mail or do i download it?



    Digital distribution when it is available.


    The estimated delivery dates are listed near the each perk, and we are now at Alpha, and we estimate that we will hit Beta in August 2014 ( the crowdfunding campaign was to help us develop the program).

    We have tried to make this as obvious as we could, that the availability is not immediate, as we still have a lot of work to do.
    Please let us know what gave you the impression that the availability would be immediate, so we may correct it.


    John Noels

    Can anyone will help me in the process of donating?



    Hi John, please do not hijack 3 year old posts and just make your own thread.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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