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    I know this is a bit early, but I am interested in how the characters are designed. I have some experience in the CG field, will the software support models designed and rigged in a 3rd party program like 3DS? Or will they be designed and rigged from scratch in a proprietary format? I am also quite interested in the realtime rendering solution, especially with effects like fur on lower end hardware.
    (Please excuse my bad english, I am still working on it)



    https://facerig.com/en/forum/topic/3d-template-sheet is another post like this, but I overlooked something prior to making that. If I do recall this ties in with the same reason as to why they are not allowing anyone to test out the game other than the people working with them. It has something to do with contracts, ect. This being said, I doubt we’d be able to get any design information prior to the release of the game.



    The modeling, texturing, rigging and animations can be made in any commercially available software as long as it can produce the kind of data required for our data importer. While the specs for import data will be settled later on, they probably be something like fbx and/or collada for geometry, rigging and animation and targa for uncompressed texture maps (diffuse, specular, normal map and so on). As for specific shading info, like fur info, there are several way this information can be edited but probably will be contained in auxiliary nodes in the fbx files.


    I read i read and i still have a lot of questions. Maybe you can be help for the peoples like how in the 3d developement a long time ago like me and answer for the questions…ok its clear the modells use (diffuse, spec and normal map…if i read it good you should export in TGA…) great. but i think you can share more details like how large what we need to use or the engine need and can be use, things like that.

    My Second question is what is the polygon or the triangle limit for the modell in the engine, i think its should be not a Top secret and its pretty helpfull.

    And i think you can help Whit a Simple link from youtube or whoever whit the Rigging type what is neccesery, what the team use till now, so a helper what is a good way for here to rigg thet face what i want to sell here soon and its perfecty usefull without problem. For this Question i think really the easyest way that you show and share a link (tutorial) how to rigg normaly the face of the character.

    And at last i just want to ask about what to use on the panda character…i mean the furr …hair farm or….or maybe its a top secret….

    And my last guestion but maybe its sounds dumm but its not clear for me…the engine generate the animations on the face use the rigg and the cam…or the 3d artist need to make it also tha animations in them own self?

    Best Regards. Contact: [email protected]


    Hello Szabolks.

    Many of those details that you want to know are not secrets, the thing is that they are not yet set in stone, because they depend on the features that we will add until public release.

    We can give you a set of specs now, but it can totally change until release. No use telling you now that “you need to have 60 of bones in the face, placed like this ” , but when we release we tell you that you need to have “100 placed like this because it looks better then it did at Alpha” ?

    We need to have time to research and come up with the best solution, so we do not waste your time with temporary setups, and to keep the proces simple so that more people can hopefully approach it.

    We will have the tutorials published after we will decide on a final set of specifications.

    The engine that we use is a non commercial one, with customizations. That real time fur is a custom solution.

    As far as the last question goes. The animator will have to generate animation atomics, that means you will have to generate the reference animations (which will basically be mostly poses) of how the character should look when it smiles, frowns, etc. The program cannot extrapolate that for you, that is part of the character of the avatar you are building, of what makes it special.

    All the best,




    “We will have the tutorials published after we will decide on a final set of specifications.”

    Any updates on this?



    Sorry for the late answer. In case you haven’t figured it out on your own here are some links to posts that will help you out:




    Do you have the 3D template sheet available somewhere?
    I read in the naming conventions that the bone hierarchy could be anything to not limit the riggers.
    That the only strict naming conventions are applied to animations.
    So my question is can something this complex in facial bones be adapted to Facerig?
    (see attachments)
    Please help with the correct hierarchy (expected) for facial bones and body bones, and naming conventions

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