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    Alright, I’ll wait for official confirmation then. From what you remember, do you know if the avatars for life would carry over to new major versions?


    I supported the FaceRig Sovereign $100 level almost a month ago but I just noticed that there’s a higher tier that offers all software updates as well as avatars and backgrounds.

    Just to be sure I’m reading this right, all the avatars are mine but I’ll have to pay for software updates?



    Can’t find the quote on here now anymore, but I think FaceRig / Holotech said that yes, there will be major versions that require an update fee, however you don’t HAVE to buy major upgrades, and minor upgrades for older version will still be made. Minor upgrades won’t require any update fees and are always included with the major upgrade.

    For example, they launch 1.0 and you have bought that, they release minor upgrades untill 1.3.57 and then 2.0 is released. 2.0 can be bought, but there will still be an update 1.3.58 and further, but also a 2.0.01

    This will ofcourse to a reasenable extend I figure, if they get to 7.0 for example, they will probably no longer update the 1.X versions, but they will still be usable (and might give you a free upgrade to 2.X)

    This is all my speculations and bits of information gathered, but can’t be seen as facts untill confirmed by a FacRig/Holotech staff member.



    I think they said it did, as they would be seperate “DLC’s”

    Two things to note however:

    This only counts for official rigs / props / etc. made by Holotech Studios, rigs made by fans (for example at facerig.us) will be free, unless stated otherwise by the creator (those paid / commisioned rigs made by fans, we aren’t sure about yet how to handle those yet)

    Should a rig require features not supported by an older release in some way (doubt it but you can’t be sure) then of course tehy aren’t “free” anymore, since you would have to upgrade to use them. I doubt however that will happen anytime soon or there will be compensation in some form for the backers.


    Well of course I knew the offer only covered official models. It would be really unfair to force community offerings for free to backers just because of the backer rank.



    FurRiffic is right (as always 🙂 )

    The avatars for life will be, well, free for life no matter the FaceRig version you have. We’ll make them backward compatible so the users won’t have to upgrade to FaceRig 2.0 for example if they don’t want to and they’ll still be able to use the avatars that come out.

    Florin (username FaceRig) did cover part of this in another topic: Upgrading to Pro After Release? (in case you want to read the entire thread). I’ve also copied his answer below for convenience.

    At the pace the technology progress is going, there will be new technology available I estimate every two or three years, and there will be people demanding those new technologies to be put to use in a new version of
    FaceRig (Facerig 2.0, 3.0 etc)).

    Of course the old version will not stop working or anything (after all there are folks still using windows XP right now) , but when compared with the new stuff, it will seem dated.

    All programs have some cost associated with their next major version, in order cover the cost of researching and developing the said next major version. There is no exception that I can think of and it is not a matter of DLC, and it is not a compulsory upgrade, and is valid also for the games on Steam, ( example: Saints Row 3 was followed by Saints Row 4).

    There is also the scenario where we have enough resoruces to afford researching and licensing those new technologies from just the avatar packs, in which case, the program upgrades may cost a lot less , or
    maybe nothing at all. But that’s a pretty big IF.

    But anyway, we’re talking 2016 -2017 here.


    Thanks for the confirmation. I just wanted to be sure I fully understood what I signed up for.

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