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    I’m surprised not to see dwarfs in your avatars as I allow myself to submit this idea.
    I also have a trailer of warhammer we see a dwarf fight against an orc of the second 54 to 1mn23 up, it’s a class called “killer” but there are also dwarf with shield and heavy armor I prefered but not in the film.
    And here are some pictures of dwarfs.



    Cockroach! (and other small insects)

    Antennae wiggle, lower/raise one antennae, cockroach hopping around, cockroach wiggling around in general or their mandibles moving all depending on facial expressions.

    Can be applied to other bugs like Ants, Ladybugs, etc.

    (I am a fan of talking critters in my roll20 games..especially ones with hidden levels in a magic class)



    I just bought this on Steam yesterday.

    I am looking for my namesake that I have used for over 10 years, and streaming on Twitch for almost 2 years I guess:

    a paladin/knight type character. I suppose either one with a face visor lifted up, or no helm at all. Face hair options, feather / wings for helm options, etc would be nice.



    Nicolas Cage, Batman, Transformers characters (Movie verse and prime TV series), Alphonse Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)





    How about some reptilian characters? Anthro lizard or alligator would be nice, don’t you think? 😉
    And as someone said, insects would be a very interesting addition!


    Bruro wrote:
    I would love to see Bovines :3
    They are so rarely mentioned.

    Taurens! Tauren paladins even!



    Conept (author adjot aka snowskau ) Somebody can make this avatar? I want to stream this avatar on Twitch, like a MassanSC.

Viewing 8 posts - 121 through 128 (of 128 total)

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