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    Marijn wrote:
    You could, if you want to make a statement/support the war against (internet) censorship (I mean the whole Anonymous community stuff) by making the famous ‘V for Vendetta’ mask as avatar/actor, which could be used by people to stay… anonymous (pun?) in youtube video’s where they express their opinion which could be against some governments and stuff(of course in combination with a internal or external voice changer). or people could use it in Skype calls with other Anonymous people to keep their identity safe, and still look more alive than just turn off your camera (without looking a bit silly by using a hamburger avatar 😉 )

    (picture of a V for Vendetta mask:

    But people could of course make such things themselves if you don’t want to involve in it/don’t see the potential.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    I don’t support this. The entire Anonymous movement is a bad joke and I don’t want to see Holotech support it.
    You can stand for internet freedom and anti-censorship without any of that crap.






    Before I suggested my FoxSlug as a character on the grounds of the hamburger’s eyes working out really good in the same way…

    Now here’s my 2nd suggestion based on SHEER POPULARITY: Foxy the Pirate from Five Nights at Freddies. (FNAF for the forum search tags)

    Allow me to also post a link to a G+ fan page I made last night:

    Here’s a proper ref image tho:



    Tossing in my vote for a Tiger and other big cats!

    Also, a Bull character would be cool too!



    I’d like to suggest Kerbals from Kerbal Space Program:

    They’d be relatively simple to model and are mostly known for making crazy faces, which I think fits with FaceRig pretty well. 🙂



    Personally, I’d like to see some of the cast from Team Fortress 2. Since FaceRig is on steam, it seems like it would be a good match.


    Mora wrote:
    I’d like to suggest Kerbals from Kerbal Space Program:
    They’d be relatively simple to model and are mostly known for making crazy faces, which I think fits with FaceRig pretty well. 🙂

    I agree. :mrgreen:

    Official website :



    We did send an e-mail to the guys at KSP but we didn’t get a yes or no answer if they’d agree to license us one of the kerbals 🙁
    But, yes, their faces would work great with FaceRig 🙂


    I suggest horror characters that are popular online and not. That and the lack of monsters is strange too.

    – Slenderman (belongs to no one, and could be made even creepier with optional static that could be added when a user presses a key.)
    – Slimegirl (allow her to be gelatinous and maybe have custom so items can be floating in her as props, or add optional slime antenna.)
    – Zombie (get on it, male and female versions… needed and self explanatory.)
    – Floppy Horse Head (make it look like someone is wearing one of those horsemasks but also make it able to talk and blink. People would find this hilarious.)
    – Satyr
    – Cartoony Skeleton (nuff said.)
    – Creepy Doll
    – Fish Girl/Mermaid (nuff said)
    – Unicorn (duh.)
    – Cyclops Girl (might be hard with tracking but could be easy??? not sure?)
    – Superhero Mask (make a mask base with a shadow of or a suggestion of a mouth like Deadpool or Spiderman have. Allow people to customize eye shape and add their own texture and this way they can make it Deadpool or Spiderman without any copyright issues on your behalf.
    – Pumpkinhead (self explanatory. Jack-o-lantern head with slim body for a halloween feel.

    Commercial (that people would definitely want):
    Turret, Glados from Portals Series
    Master Chief from Halo
    Solid Snake from Metal Gear Series
    Minecraft Steve, Creeper, etc.
    TF2 Characters
    Dungeon and Dragons Characters (lots of people lay the game on twitch and other sites together)
    Chocobo from Final Fantasy
    Generation 4 MLP base (alicorn, unicorn, and pegasus models – male/female and small/tall versions)

    Homestuck Troll Horns (Customizeable – horns as props)



    Not sure if this has been suggested.. which I feel is odd.. but ‘Anime boy/man’… I play an exalted RPG where the anime girl works fine for the female players of my game.. but for guys all we have is the sci-fi hunter and the necromancer looking Zaraxes.

    An anime ‘guy’ would work wonders for beta testing male coloring and face sliders (I have no creative skill, just altering)



    Uhm, 😳 can there be a griffin? I think it would be really neat if I could appear on my video blog as a griffin. Love using it as a facecam for game streams though! 😀


    Member i suggest at LEAST hatsune miku, if not all of the vocaloids.



    Maybe put Skeleton King from Dota 2 and Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph. I know theres a Garrys mod Model for Vanellope somewhere. Not sure if that’s the format you need to import.

    Wraith king is the new hero in dota replaced skeleton king.


    i was thinking 5 nights at freddy’s freddy, chica, and bonnie and then foxy



    Sergal would be sooooo awesome actor! :3:3 But unfortunately I think it’s face features would be difficult to make. :3

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