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    Hi dear FaceRig community,

    I am from a company which is selling maintenance software to maritime shipping companies and we like to use FaceRig in our tutorial videos. Therefore, we are looking for someone who can create and integrate a custom 3D Character (an cute Owl, quality same level as the cat Machy).

    Basically this is all very new to us and we have no idea where we could even search for such a person, so my apologies in advance if I affronted someone.

    We are happy about every advice.

    What do you think is a fair price?



    Look around for 3D character modeling artists for that sort of thing, give the various freelancer websites a look and see if you can find anyone then discuss what you’re trying to do. Some sites include guru.com and PeoplePerHour

    Pricing wise, expect to pay anywhere from 250-500+ from a good freelancer. (as you’re paying them for both concept, and modeling; possibly more for the import process; and you may have to find someone else to perform the import)



    Many thanks for the good advice. I think its really a pity that FaceRig is bottle-necked by the lag of artists. I even posted requests on Steam and Fiverr – no one replied.

    IMO many companies might use it for any kind of video or live support or presentation, but the lack of customization possibility (due to missing artists) is a real obstacle.

    Anyway, THX!



    Note: After seeing many threads like this, my posting in this particular thread is random and not specific to the original poster.

    As FaceRig has said elsewhere, the process of making, shading, rigging, and animating an avatar is a 2-3 month, full time endeavor for the artist… At the (US) standard 40 hours per week, that’s roughly 320-480 hours of effort…

    As we have just completed the first pass on a custom avatar for a client, I can confirm those effort levels. (my Mrs is the artist – and it’s not done yet)

    I don’t think it’s so much a lack of artists available, but rather the business model right now for the independent artists. Making an avatar from scratch to post to the masses for free will be a “free time labor of love” that is going to take a long time – making an exclusive, one client only avatar for money – pick your hourly wage and do the math. 🙁



    Thanks for your reply. Other people here suggested trying people per hour and fiverr which I tried. so far the offers range from 300 – 400 Euro per Character (I offered 650 for a double pack). I got many positive responses and interest.

    So far I did not order, because no one was willing to send a proof of concept with a character implemented into facerig (a sketch) to show his ability.

    Maybe it is easier to split it down into creating, rigging, and implementation. But of course this would double the price.



    Sadly – they probably realized the effort to just get to that point and quit… 🙁

    Note: This is not a shot at FaceRig!!! The effort required to do a unique avatar is a perfect example why movie CGI costs so much!

    We have two more avatars in the pipe – now that we’ve gotten through the growing pains, we’ll see how the next two go and update along the way.



    Yeah, most people who want to make them are either inexperienced with modeling so it takes up a ton of time, or the retopology, UV mapping , and import process are not easy to get down or perform with free or open source software. no shots intended at blender, but holy hell can it be a pain to get the settings right before exporting out of the program to facerig.



    Dropping some Models i made.

    Preferably i’d like to try this test rig below for your program to see how it responds.

    Give me a ping through my email if you’d like, im eager to work with you if at all possible.



    we are able to make 2D character like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO3mNKFatSc%5B/url%5D

    You can add me on skype : anthonymenard22



    Hi all can you guys please email me at [email protected]
    please take a moment and vist my wevbsite at invisiblegardener.com
    click on live cam
    you will see my EcoCat
    while i love this cat
    i really want a few chars of my own
    my own cat
    own dog
    i want an ant (yes an ant) insects
    but I need help in making a good back ground etc for it also

    let me know if interested



    As your last posting (Sieve70) is meanwhile already rather old, I was wondering how your recent experiences are.

    We are searching for someone who has the experience to create an Avatar for one of our projects. Do you have any updates on efforts required? And more specific: would you / your company be willing to create an Avatar for us? In case I would be very interested to hear from you.



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    post a picture for what you are looking for.



    Hello, i know its a big Up but here is a website where you can find 2D and 3D creator :




    If you are looking for a Facerig avatar designer, you can contact me :
    riton_v at live.fr



    Hello. I´ve recently come to FaceRig. I´m more interested into developing a Live2D character.
    Give and take between drawing concept and rigging goes around for 18 days (even generating all
    the correct config files for special actions). So If anyone is looking for a Live2D avatar contact me.
    I too work on Fiverr Pro.

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