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    Hi everyone,

    I’m using the professional version of Facerig and want to create little videos of speaking and singing using the various avatars available. I’ve been playing around with Facerig a lot over the last few months, but have always found one major stumbling block: poor quality lip syncing.

    I have tried out different options: manually changing different facial expression options for the avatar when mapping my face; uploading videos to sync to (which was so bad that the avatar just gave up trying to sync to the face in the video), and other things that are found in the Facerig toolbar.

    I want to create avatar videos that have the best possible lip sync for speaking and sining. Often singing is the biggest challenge as the words are spoken quicker and with more subtle lip movement.

    Any and all advice is gratefully received, as I’m wondering whether a different programme might in the end produce better results.




    Anyone out there?!?!



    Just to be sure, you’re not referring to audio lipsync, aren’t you? We do have a tutorial on Advanced Tracking Calibration, detailing with steps how to calibrate FAceRig for a better experience:

    For the avatar to correctly mimic the expressions and movements of a face in a pre-recorded video, the person who appears in the video should be visible enough so that the tracker can follow.

    You can also send us a video at info[at]facerig[dot]com showing how the lip sync in FaceRig works for you so we can better understand how the tracking behaves in your case.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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