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    I’m having serious issues in bringing in a custom Avatar, so I’ve been editing the sample character ‘ChibiBorg’ at each step to track down any issues.

    I’ve found that by re-exporting the ‘idle1.dae’ animation in the ‘generalMovement’ folder causes the avatar to vanish in Facerig when imported and loaded. I can export the base geometry ‘ChibiBorgGeometry.dae’ and ‘defaultPose.dae’ anim without any problems, but once I export the ‘idle1.dae’ the model is gone.

    I’ve been trying to rescale the model before animation, and when I exported it at x100 scale the background whited out, but no other indication that the different scales were making any difference. I’m working in 3dsMax 2019.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to something that I might be doing wrong here, or how to get around this?

    Many thanks for any help!



    Guys, if you can help at all with this – we are looking to purchase the full studio and export a first pass facial animation from it in our workflow.
    We can’t do anything though if the supplied sample files don’t even work reliably, so how can we get a custom avatar in?

    The Chibiborg character imports to Facerig fine as supplied, and I can import and re-export the base geometry DAE without problem, but once I do the same with any animation the avatar vanishes.

    I’ve been having some better success with the ‘yexample’ sample avatar: I can edit animations, and the base geometry comes through, albiet with a collapsed jaw, but there’s enough working there that I can start to edit it part by part to get my custom avatar in. However, if my avatar mesh geometry fills too small or large an area (skinned to the yexample rig), it crashes Facerig when imported and run. I can create a convoluted workaround to deal with this issue, but overall I’m finding the whole import process wrought with problems.

    I’ve uploaded all stack dumps to this folder if they can help at all



    Hello! Please send your findings and information to our artists at artsupport[at]holotech[dot]eu and they will assist you regarding this matter. According to the GDPR legislation, we will process logs and other sensitive data only if it is sent to us directly via e-mail (in this case, to the e-mail address above).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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