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    The two new cameras out D435, and D415 have been mentioned in previous posts dating back 4 months or more. Yes I’ve seen the same post stating “it has to be an actual RealSense camera, namely the SR300 and F200 cameras. Even though other web cameras might have the infrared technology, IRFaceRig supports only the two I formerly mentioned”, but that was 4 months ago. And in one post someone asked about cameras and it was back in February, then a follow up question was asked last month with no response. So I’m formally asking in this thread, what cameras are currently now working with this IRFacerig, for the tongue and hand tracking. When can we expect updates on the D415 and D435 cameras? And probably most importantly in my mind…how often do you guys look at the new tech? People buying this version of facerig don’t expect to have to go out and find a specific dated camera, instead of the newest one online\in store unless you specifically state on the Steam page, or on your RealSense page, that it’s only compatible with two cameras and which, this makes it actually needlessly tedious for us to go out of our way to find out the truth, and latest information like I’m having to do, in a forum where who knows when I’ll get an answer.

    All I wanted to do was buy this product, and a realsense camera that worked for it, I should be able to know which right off the product page is compatible with it. Not have to hunt through multiple pages of current to even 8 month old forum posts to finally get here. Please answer the questions I have posted, and consider updating your steam page. This is for the benefit of the consumer, not just me. Thank you.

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    Hello James,

    RealSense’s F200 and SR300 as well as derivatives of these two cameras (Stargazer, for example) work with IRFaceRig and FaceRig. The cameras are mentioned in the RealSense DLC that needs to be downloaded for FaceRig. As for the other cameras that you’ve enumerated (D435 and D415), we have not tested them and we can’t recommend them. For the moment our engineering bandwidth is all taken up by other projects so testing them is something we can’t do right now.

    As a side note, IRFaceRig can be downloaded for free (just wanted to reiterate this as you’ve mentioned buying this version).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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