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    Hi Facerig and people who love this tools.

    I am currently making my Custom Avatar 3D
    I bough the stuio version with live2d module.
    First I got problem with ImportWizardNew cannot run it – SOLVED with buying steam version. so I got 2 version steam and the studio one.

    Then I continue my journey with 3d Modelling at 3dsmax. Because I am only able to use that tools. looking around no tutorial or help.
    After i manage to do my rigging and do the importwizard there is a bug like this. the attachment.
    I keep trying on 3dsmax.
    -Fixing the bone name. — done still the same.
    -Use the chiby robot sample (final dae form sample with the wizard, its work like charm) so I take the DAE and use the bone structure.
    but after I importwizard the result is still same and the model is scaled.
    I return and keep fixing the bone structure watching the FBX animation and medusa animation bone structure.
    Still the same result as image. and the model doesnt sync with my webcam (for the head movement).

    Then I use and try MAYA. which is really hard for me, and start to learn this because there is someone’s tutorial using MAYA with HULk Model.
    and using OpenCOLLADA settings . done it as well! still the 3d is now flipped (following the chibiy robot structure, and rotating.
    the result is still the same.

    I am only making one idle1.dae Animation with the shoulder rotate to body. its make the shoulder does long to the foot. (same result as before).
    I also got first error with

    dbghelp.dll when using the MAYA OpenCOLLADA script.
    This solved by covering the UV and I do re UV all my MESH and the exporter from MAYA working.

    But my problem is still the same…
    I have try using default exporter DAE from Maya. still the same

    Scaled 3D and stretched shoulder. sometime rotate.
    I have use Chibbyborg import it to MAYA and Export it again as DAE. and Use that DAE to ImportWizard with Idle1.DAE and Geometry only. the chibbyborg turn out to be mess up.

    Question is. should I make all the animation first?? because if there is the same problem again I need to do repeat all the animation due to the fixing skinning.
    Can I have the original Chibbiborg MAYA save file???
    I also checked the yexample girl and use that bone structure.. still no hope. same result stretched shoulder.

    I have try using the manual structure guide, try the hulk tutorial with opencollada setting, try to following the bone structure using 3dsmax and maya, Try to use the chibiborg bone from DAE import to max and maya and reimport them using my model, try to use the sample model but reimport and export to MAYA DAE and use wizard and mess up.

    Really need help here, it has been 5 days with facerig tools.
    help needed >_<a

    Thank You

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    currently remake the bone again.
    I can operate MAYA now. so I am trying new one without DAE sample restructure from Chibiborg.
    hopefully it is possible.

    Left , exported bone and restructure (no name changed).
    Right , Build new one with MAYA.

    Hopefully this solve the problems

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    So for everyone who see this.

    Make a clean bone from MAYA.
    I am currently normal DAE-FBX exporter and it is a success.
    if using OpenCOLLADA with the hulk setting I got error at DBGHELP.dll

    BUT I JUST FOUND OUT THAT.. You cannot use multiple mesh. thats what make the error. currently I manage to find the issue.

    I uplading the images. so multiple mesh is like making the error pop up.

    I am still researching with the other problems.

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    Hello, great to see you’ve had a successful try. If you have other problems regarding this you can always send an e-mail to artuspport[at]holotech[dot]eu.



    Hi Facerig, after using and found a lots of bugs, would it be possible to refund? We bough the Facerig Studio with live2d module with high expectation with the tools. after doing the process and having a bad time for 2 weeks with the tutorial and guide ad any bugs. Can we ask for refund?

    we might not be able to use this tools for steaming in Japan. where and who can I ask regarding about this refund?




    Hello, if you’ve purchased FaceRig from our site, you can request a refund by contacting support[at]avangate[dot]com. Can you offer us some feedback regarding the issues you’ve found? It would help us in understanding what and where to improve.

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