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    my english ist so bad you pls screenshot



    I could always open it and now it does not work, it depends on when I click Launch Nothing more




    Do you have Avast antivirus by any chance?
    Please take a look at this thread as it will explain how to make an exception in Avast for FaceRig http://steamcommunity.com/app/274920/discussions/2/405692224239495199/.
    If you do not have Avast then you will need to provide us with the Vp.log and dxdiag file like in this thread http://steamcommunity.com/app/274920/discussions/2/34096318703798146/ so we can investigate.




    i have avast programm.

    I do not know if it is because otherwise it went




    Hello, if you have the Free Avast antivirus, this is a known issue which we are working on it. Even though Avast does not give any error message or a pop up that it is blocking FaceRig, in reality it does this and you will need to make an exception for FaceRig and here is how to do so:
    Get Path to FaceRig
    In Steam right-click FaceRig select Properties.
    Select ‘Local Files’.
    Select ‘Browse Local Files’. A Windows file browser window will open.
    Click the folder icon on the address bar to select the path, this is what you will need to paste in Avast, copy that.
    Close the Steam Properties for FaceRig.

    Exclude FaceRig in Avast
    Open Avast user interface
    Goto Settings. (Gear icon)
    In ‘General’ tab open ‘Exclusions’.
    In ‘File paths’ paste the path to FaceRig.
    Press Add
    Press OK
    Close Avast user interface.

    Try again FaceRig.




    Check out this link http://steamcommunity.com/app/274920/discussions/2/405692224239495199/. Also the above instructions are step by step instructions on how to add an exception for FaceRig in Avast.
    I will attach how to get the path to FaceRig. as for Avast, just go to settings and you should have the Option Exclusion and paste the path you have got for FaceRig. If you are not able to understand i can use google translate and explain this to you in your language.

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