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    These are the steps to Stream:

    Start FaceRig
    Start the game
    Start OBS (or another streaming tool)
    Check that FaceRig has broadcasting turned ON in the Advanced UI
    Select your game as a source in OBS
    Select the FaceRig Virtual Webcam as a webcam-source in OBS
    Position the two (or more) sources the way you want them.
    Start Streaming

    When you are in FaceRig you can also change the language to German and to do so follow these steps:
    Switch to Advanced UI – General Options- Preferances -Language and then choose Deutsch.

    All our guides on Steam are available in English as we are a small indie company and we provide support in English.
    Hope that the streaming steps above help you. Let us know if it works.



    Hi ok i try to answer in english and sry i not speak well.

    My trouble is your step 6 =”select the FaceRig Virtual Webcam as a Webcam source”

    FaceRig virtual Cam never exist in none of my Programs (skype, Action). I reinstal Facerig but nothing change, the facerig virtual webcam not exist.

    can you tel me the path where i found the part of the program how makes the virtual webcam? or can i reinstal this part anywhere.

    kind regards



    You can manually install FaceRig Virtual Camera. Follow this path:

    SteamApps commom FaceRig Bin FaceRig VirtualCamDriver and select the one for your system.
    If you have Window 7 install Cam driver for Win7 , if you have Windows 8-10 install Virtual Cam driver for Win8.

    After the installation is complete restart the PC.
    Try again to stream.



    Thank you for your help but your pat is wrong 😀
    at the end is “prerequisites / FaceVirtualCamDriver.

    Anyway Thank you for the help now it works in Action and skype 🙂



    Happy streaming!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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