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    This is a big question I have for what I like to use Facerig for. I wonder if later on will there be settings to record the capture data and transfer any data of either character mesh or the keys of the motion into Maya? My goal is to not simply record a performance from raw motion capture and have a video. I want to have that recording and then be able to improve the animation 🙂 It be like the start of the facial animation of a character that I can smooth out and push the extremes to get more expressions and change any motion that isn’t appealing. I can understand that it is in beta that it may take a while. Being an animator, recording the motion for animation is what I can see the potential for Facerig 😀

    Another question with that is would we be able to move the avatars into a program like Maya and create feet and hands for the ones that don’t and rig them? Because I wouldn’t want to just be animating their face but even do full body motion as well. I can animate the body myself but then I wonder if later or before I can use Facerig to help animate the face? Obviously at first I just be uploading videos on Youtube and not be making money because it all be for fun but I wouldn’t mind getting the pro version if that is what you need to do if you make money off of it.

    By the way anyone else having trouble recording with Facerig? I seen others already uploaded video on Youtube but all I can record is audio and some other format that I think only Facerig can open.

    Please let me know if any of this is a possibility. It’s what I been hoping for 😀



    Most of the things you are asking for are already planned for the Facerig Studio version (planned for 2015)

    Also, about the recording; those people use their own third-party tools to record facerig in general, or the output (same like Skype) and are not recorded by FaceRig itself.



    Thank you for the reply 😀 If it’s more waiting that is fine I still be happy 😀

    By the way, website seems to be running faster 😀



    Can you share about time schedule for launching FaceRig Studio? I want to buy when it first time been launched. FaceRig is very valuable and the missing thing in Maya.

    How much will it cost? Can you describe its features more thoroughly?


    I’ll bump that… It is stated that Facerig will have ability to export animation only in Studio version, which will be aimed at large professional companies and state to be REALLY EXPENSIVE in the FAQ…
    Which is stomps over regular indie users who want to be able to make animations for fun or low profit, and at the same time this feature is useless for professional studios, since there is similar expensive pro solutions that can provide same thing with better quality and are already part of the many pipelines. But there is no face capture software aimed at amateurs that I am aware of. FaceRig could become that.

    So I want you to reconsider for adding the ability to record animation take and export it as FBX at least in the FaceRig Pro package, please.




    Thanks for the suggestion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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