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    Okay, my only doubt is if someone gave me a strike using a character made by Facerig, would you help me with that? In case of a strike, I think I’ll need to send the Youtube some documentation explaining about Facerig copyright police etc.

    Thanks 😉



    I want to buy facerig software and start a channel on Youtube, so I have a few questions:
    1- If I create my own character and hide the Facerig logo will I have any copyright issue in the future?
    2- We have channels on Youtube using Facerig with avatars that was created by Facerig eg:. The red panda, if I use it too and got a strike from those channels what should I do? Contact Facerig?
    3- If I earn more then $500 per month in my Youtube channel with my own “character creation”, what will happen?
    4- Should I tell Facerig Staff about my Youtube Channel when I start using Facerig?





    You can start your own YouTube channel with your own avatar and the option to hide the logo is available on FaceRig Pro version.
    The difference between Facerig Pro and FaceRig Classic is that if your channel makes more than $500 per month you need to use the Pro Version, it does not matter if you use your own model of one of FaceRig’s avatars.
    So in the begging you can use the regular version, but once you will make more than $500 per month you will need to upgrade to the FaceRig Pro version.
    You can also use avatars created by FaceRig on your channel, both on Pro and Classic version.
    There is no need to contact us when you start your own YouTube channel.




    I would recommend to read Youtube’s strike policy, as long as you use either the base version of FaceRig or FaceRig Pro and our original characters, there should be no issue ( as long as the videos are not inappropriate in any way). Here is where you can find out more about YouTube’s copyright strike policy https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2814000?hl=en

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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