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    Hello Awesome folks.

    In about 24 hours our website on facerig.com will migrate from the currently (overloaded) web server to a new, more powerful one, the current sluggish-ness will (hopefully) be a thing of the past and we can start using it more (as currently we were kind of confined to the Steam Forums because of the lag :)). Some DNS-related optimizations have already been applied.

    New web-devs have also been brought on-board to configure the new server, fix the current forums bugs, optimize the website for mobile browsers and and implement future website-centric features.

    For those of you who are already using FaceRig:
    The 0.72b (build 284) currently on the “nextversion” Beta branch has been tested enough and is being deployed large-scale on the default Beta branch today.
    Tomorrow new experimental versions will be up on the experimental “nextversion” branch with more improvements and fixes.

    We wish you an awesome Wednesday
    The FaceRig Team ( via florin’s account)

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    Good to hear, and good luck to the new web-dev 🙂
    The site indeed seems to load a bit faster at the moment, so it is already working.
    Looking forward to what new features will be implemented tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work all.



    The facerig.com website is now running on the new webserver.

    You may still get SSL certificate not trusted warning for a few extra hours still while the DNS records are propagating.
    The next steps is fixing avatars visibility, and then optimizing the site for performance, and addressing the forum system emails not reaching some of you.

    After those are done we are probably going to plan migrating the forums from ChronoForums on a more secure infrastructure such as vBulletin (vBulletin same soft that Steam is using) but no worries, we are aiming to keep all the posts and user base intact.



    Now forum is usable – runs fast. Well done 🙂



    *Pukes at the words VB* Why VB out of all the other absolutely polished and UP TO DATE forum software? You’re going from one outdated FREE forum software to an outdated PAID software? *Just my opinion* IPB and XF are much better in my opinion. FRUS runs using Xenforo, as well as many others, in my opinion XF is the best, but IPB is up there as well. VB is by far outdated compared to those two. *XenForo has tons, upon tons of addons that will meet almost everything y’all could want* (As well as I could help out a lot *Obviously* 😀 )

    Other notes, The website is running perfectly, the avatars showed up for a good few minutes before going away again. 10:20AM 190Sep014. The HTTPS runs fine without any errors, so good job on that everyone!



    WOOT the new server kicks ass!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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