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    The FaceRig closed beta is now live! To access it, rightclick FaceRig in your Software library in Steam, click properties, go to the Betas tab, and input the code 4haDrep3kuch. Then select the newly added Closed beta branch and let Steam update your FaceRig client.

    As we’ve mentioned, this closed beta is meant to test the functionality and features of our upgrade to the tracking technology we use.

    The closed beta branch will be active till the 6th of May, with the possibility of extending this period for updates/patches.

    BETA instructions and terms

    Please do not share information about the closed BETA test with anyone except Holotech Studios employees or other people taking part in the closed BETA test (confirmed by Holotech Studios Employees). This is considered confidential information as specified in the FaceRig Steam EULA.

    Test as many avatars as you can but please start with the one with “regargeted” in the name.

    Please also test the build in challenging lights conditions ( such as dim/low light) ( asa cum e acum formulat se intelege ca trebuie sa il testeze doar in dim/low light)


    The reset neutral pose button is meant to do a light calibration for your default neutral pose. When resetting the neutral pose, please look at the camera, with a neutral facial expression (not smiling,frowning,without making a sadface etc)

    The reset tracking button now turns the tracker off and on again.

    Pressing the R key on your keyboard will toggle between “retargetting mode ON” and “retargetting mode OFF”. (notice how the avatars with “retargeted”/”retargeting” in their name behave differently when this mode is on/off.

    Pressing D on your keyboard will toggle the tracking points visibility on your webcam feed.

    If/when returning to the normal(currentversion/nextversion) branch of FaceRig, please make sure to delete your autosave.tkc and config.usc files inside My documentsholotechfacerigUserCfg


    Roger Jack


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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