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    Hi Folks,

    I bought facerig studio on steam and I am about to create a Virtual Reality production pipeline (as well usable for AR) with facerig as input for facial mocap.
    Anybody interested in joining me and sharing experience which could result in a reusable process and some tutorials on certain aspects?
    If you are interested please simply reply to this post.

    I consult and create technical architectures for customers who want to use Virtual and Augmented Reality for their business and connect it to their enterprise systems.
    I will use blender (and build or derive a standard replacable avatar to map the recorded mocap data to it.
    The avatar can be used in several scenarios (e.g. for trainings with VR avatars acting as instructors) in nice scenes
    like the new SteamVR Home (ex destinations) scenes – or in Unity (or other Game Engine) based scenes.

    I also have a bunch of questions – but I just started using facerig (which I experience to be great as I had already some small sessions with faceshift).

    What I have so far is some .fbx and .dae export of a performance. I imported both versions in blender and can see the animation.
    Next step is to discover how to use the data for retargeting bones that drive a custom face.

    Kind regards
    Joerg Osarek



    Hi. I am also using Blender at a professional level.
    Your post looks interesting.
    I too, recently came to FaceRig and studied the possibilities when exporting the rig so
    it can be imported back into Facerig.
    What I still have to figure out is what do I do with the retarget bones that are extra bones
    and that are not part of any other animaiton like (additional bones for skirts or many pigtails
    in hair for girls).

    Anyways letting you know I´m interested Joerg. reach me at activemotionpictures (a) gmail (dot) com.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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