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    Please give feedback here regarding the Evil Guy (good or bad, all is welcomed). Screen-shots attached with the avatar in different poses:

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    In the second to last pic he looks ill, but other than that he’s really well made.


    I question his Chin-guard thing. It looks, counter-intuitive where he likely can’t look Downward without the spikes stabbing his collar bones? If I were to nitpick realism here. Lol



    Well maybe the spikes would still be flat enough against his oversized chest they would just be moderately uncomfortable.

    Can’t really say I see anything wrong with him. We don’t have any real demons to compare him to so I’d say he gets the job done nicely. Eyes that look like they glow, horns in more places than is natural, giant muscles, a skull thing on one shoulder, and I think he even breathes out cinders!: this is one guy I definitely would not want to meet in an alleyway! I gleefully look forward to people scaring people with him.



    He looks less evil when it looks like he is soaked in water. I would make him less shiny, and that might make him look more evil.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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