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    I am a long time owner of the Facerig pro and would like to start using the program to stream. My goal is to us facerig not as an avatar for myself but as mascots for the game; IE ship AI when playing Elite Dangerous. The problem i am running into is that i use a program called Voice Attack and would like the audio output (the computer vocal responses) to also effect the lip sync of the avatar and have the avatar ignore my mic. Does face rig have that kind of function or is there a 3rd party program you may know of that will accomplish this.



    Hello, Shadowjester!

    Well, there is a way you can do just that. You’ll need to use VB Audio Cable. It’s a software that maps the audio inputs and outputs of your computer. Once you install it go to your Recording and Playback devices and set VB Audio Cable as your default device. Now jump into FaceRig and follow these steps:

    – go to the Advanced UI > General Options > Devices and set the input and output to VB Audio Cable
    – go to Preferences > Key Bindings and look for what button is set for “Activate Audio-Based Lipsync on keypress” (by default it’s “T”)
    – go to General and set “Use Audio-Based Lipsync on keypress” to on, and also turn “Hooked Keys” on.

    Now go ahead and launch your game. Every time you want the avatar to lipsync based on the in-game audio, hold “T” or your key of choice. It works like a push-to-talk button. You might want to fiddle with the Noise Gate Threshold to make sure the avatars picks up only dialogue and not other background sounds from the game (like lyrics of songs, explosions, sound effects etc.). We recommend not using Voice Attack as the VB Audio Cable overwrites your microphone input. There might be away but we’ve not tested the compatibility between FaceRig and Voice Attack.

    NOTE: While using VB Audio Cable as your default playback device (you have to, it won’t work any other way) you will not hear the system’s sounds (including the in-game audio). To fix this, go to “Playback Devices”, select your VB Audio Cable device, go to “Listen”, check “Listen to this device”, and select your headphones/speakers. It’s a pretty complex set-up so you might need to search for issues online if you encounter any.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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