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    Hopefully they have a male anime character at release along with the female anime character, or at least in one of the first expansions. I think that’s a good idea if possible to give us a choice as to which expansion packs we get instead of just the first 2. I think they said they wanted to have about 10 actors per expansion pack.



    As you all know, Facerig will be implementing sliders/avatar customization. Wouldn’t it be nice if all avatars had this function? Say you didn’t like the length of the nose on a pre-set. No problem! Just adjust it to your liking. Not only would you be having a pre-set for starters, but then others may have a variation of said pre-set. Imagine the combinations and freedom with just 1 expansion pack!



    Well, that’s the general idea. We don’t intend to implement sliders just for Fluffo (the YouTube video showecased him just because he’s the one we’re making tests on 😛 ) The sliders will work for all the avatars in the packs, so this will indeed allow for a big variety of characters just with one pack.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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