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    I do actually. It allows for better playing in to the wishes of the public.



    me too, and as we can see on your video, the software is really nice a this point, alpha ! alpha !


    Guys, remember there is the issue of the tracking tech distribution license.
    We cannot distribute this outside our studio with the face tracking tech from Visage Technologies until we get the distribution license from Visage Technologies ( right now we have a development license) , and we will do that when the program is good enough to be distributed :).



    All in all, they’ll figure out when they can distribute something, and with all the parts associated with it, hands can be tied pretty significantly.



    Actually I think we shouldn’t insist on that because it could create problems (like optimization for customer’s usage, rough pushing everything in one box) that eventually would slow down development of final product and would cause pointless spending of money on that. Also there is a possibility of leaking alpha on the internet and that would create some kind of anti-advertisement because most of the people don’t understand the meaning of “Alpha” and as a fact more than 50% will be highly disappointed. So I think we should be patient and believe in FaceRig-DevTeam agenda, so in August (I hope with all my heart it will be much sooner) we will all try a piece-of-cake instead of… you know… “Alpha”



    Considering that each license are supposed to be tied based on machine keys (so far), it may be a bit difficult to really abuse it like that, but either way it is FR’s choice. 🙂



    But i’d really like to see that alpha. You guys made me so excited i never were, despite i like looking for new stuff on Idiegogo and Kickstarter. And yes, i want some time to learn 3D-modelling 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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