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    I’m currently learning how to import a custom avatar in Face Rig. I have yet to be successful, but I’ve been working through the problems encountered step by step.

    I’m at the point were my model will load into the import Wizard and be “succesfully” imported in Face Rig. However when I run Face Rig and try clicking on the ? square place holder for my avatar, I’ll get an error message.

    It is essentially an edited of the Azri Rig available for free online. I’ve had to remove the IK system, groups and constraints leaving only a barebone skeleton, since Collada doesn’t seem to handle those well.

    There are a few questions about specific things that don’t seem to be covered in the instructions.

    What is it that you need to select when exporting the geometry as a Collada? Just the mesh?

    Same for the Idle and the animations. Do you select only the joints that are moving? The whole skeleton? Everything?

    It’s recommended to test the avatar with just the geometry and the idle animation to check if it’s facing the right way and is the right size, which is what I’m currently doing. Did I get that wrong? Do I need all the animations for it to appear in Face Rig?

    When an animation requires the avatar to lean left then right, is it the avatar’s left or the viewer’s left?

    I’d very much appreciate some help in working out the quirks and making my custom avatar work. It’s really just about making that first one operational to understand the process.

    I’ve sent an email with a link to my model to the support eu address, but while browsing the forum I see more often then not people directed toward the .com address and link to the forum post, so I’ll double down on that shortly.




    Hello, David, send the model to artsupport[at]holotech[eu], together with this forum post for reference.

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