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    Hi there.
    Audio and video are out of sync after a couple of minutes of recording on the newest version of facerig for iOS (app version 1.044).
    The iOS app has not gotten an update in more than 6 months, but the Android version is still being updated. Has development for this great iOS app been discontinued?



    Hello, we’ve tried to reproduce your issue with the audio being out of sync on an iPhone X and on an iPhone; recorded for five minutes, yet the audio did not become out of sync. What iPhone model do you have? Furthermore, regarding your question about the iOS version updates, the Android variant has 70% more players than the iOS one, and so we’ve concentrated our efforts on that platform.

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    I have the 12.9″ iPad Pro first gen.
    Previous version of the app did not have this issue.
    I just now uninstalled the app and then re-installed, but it did not fix the problem.
    I actually first reported this issue through email in January. At that time someone from your team responded that they had done a test and could confirm that the audio and video were out of sync after a couple of minutes, but that they had found a fix and it would be fixed in the next release, but there hasn’t been a release yet.
    I actually think the syncing issue starts almost at the beginning of the recording and compounds as the video gets longer.
    I wonder if this problem only affects tablets, or certain tablets.
    I understand that you as developers are more concentrated on Android because you have more Android users using it, but I would like to give you a couple of suggestions, if I may, for the iOS version.

    1. Get rid of the syncing issue (for the affected devices). I would like to post videos facerig to Youtube, which would help to promote this app, but with this bug, I can’t because the videos don’t turn out nice.
    2. Answer the feedback the users have given you in the App Store, even if it’s negative feedback, it could be turned into a positive one if you answered it to address the users concerns. Some users just like to complain, but for those who have issues with the app, a little tip after their comment would be helpful not just the user who posted the comment, but other users who read the comments as well.
    3. Make a little note or popup in the app, close to the record button that tells users that a short-press records the video with your face showing in the corner and a long-press records the video without showing your face. I didn’t know it, but found out by fluke. Someone in the App Store complained about this and seems like that person never found out about the long-press.
    4. Allow custom backgrounds (I realize that this might not be easy, but thought I would suggest it. I could be an add-on purchase.)

    That’s just my two cents.

    As a final note, I want to say “Thank you!” for this great app and all the work you put into it. I really like the app.



    We will further investigate your issue and try to reproduce it. Right now we are focusing on developing a platform-agnostic SDK, and so that takes up our time and resources. We’ll keep in mind the changes and the option to allow custom backgrounds you suggested.



    I thought that maybe, just maybe this issue would go away with the iOS 12 update, but it didn’t. I did a test video and it starts becoming out of sync before 20 seconds in.

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